Good article on Svi


    Talks quite a bit about his work ethic and how he improved his shooting, plus how KU has adapted their playbook to take advantage of his improved shooting stroke.

  • I love that coach Self has allowed his offense to evolve. Missing on some recruits may have forced his hand but the offense will be even more dangerous with a deep team at all positions, like next year.

  • Great article. Insight into the coaches, as well as the player.

    Interesting quote: When Mykhailiuk gets an unguarded spot-up attempt, KU scores 1.75 points per possession, according to Synergy Sports Technology. That ranks No. 1 in the nation among players with at least 50 tries.

    Compare that to Dok, who has the highest shooting percentage in the nation (77.5%). When he shoots, KU scores 1.55 points per possession. An open Svi has a higher payoff, on average.

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