This was just to funny not to post

  • Heard this yesterday on our local radio,- -This has to qualify as one of those What The Hell type of moments, So if you haven’t had yours for today here you go love sharing this now just visualize:

    There was a woman that was somewhere out side of Pittsburg Penn , - -and she pulls up to this Security Booth outside of a prison. The guard ask here what she needs and she responds - -Yes I would like a Bacon - - Egg - - & , Cheese Sandwich please. - - lmao - - - So the guy says to her umm Mamm this is a security booth to this prison - -and she responds -NO I really would like to have a Bacon - -Egg - -& Cheese Sandwich please - -Are You Serious? lmao.

    So the the guard notices the glazed eyes - -the slurred speech - - AND - -AND - -AND wait for it - - ready? - -he notices some white substance in one of her nostrils roflmao. - - -Soooo needeless to say - -she was arrested for Suspended Drivers License - -And - -Driving under the influlence of a controlled substance lmao - - - OH but yet - - she got NO Bacon - - Egg - -& , Cheese sandwich - - -Mercy laughed my ass of at this - - WOW

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