Dynamic Duo

  • Joel had a monster night with 25 and 19, while teammate Ben Simmons had his 9th triple double of the season which included 15 assists. If Joel had 1 more turnover he would have had another less glamorous triple double!

    Don’t forget Simmons is a rookie, the equivalent of a junior in college. Philly is going to be winning championships in the not too distant future!

  • Simmons is just a reminder that every once in a while the #1 overall high school prospect is actually the real deal!

  • @wissox The problem is as soon as those guys all mature and hit their stride their contracts will be up. Who’s taking less than a max deal to stay in Philly and keep the team together? If they actually make the playoffs and make some noise that would help immensely.

  • Each team has room to sign two max players under the salary cap. The key is figuring out how to build around them within the cap. Philly has identified their max guys. That’s the hard part. Now you just have to be smart in figuring out how to get a third really good guy that you don’t have to max, and then build around those three with a team of interchangeable parts.

    If Philly is smart, they extend both Simmons and Embiid soon, and as the cap goes up, they will have more space to build out the rest of their roster when they are ready to compete for titles in a couple of years.

  • Philly has an amazing point forward and an amazing center, but Fultz is broken. If they had signed Jimmy Butler maybe they’d have something, but it’s hard to advance without great guard play. If I were Embiid I’d be planing my exit strategy. Meet up with LeBron in LA? That’d make the clippers pretty salty. Embiid needs to see what the 76ers are doing to win and go from there. If no significant improvement is made bolt. If it looks like a contender is being built stay, even if it means a little less money to make it happen. Time will tell how the Philly front office plays it.

  • @dylans I haven’t kept up with Fultz. What do you mean he’s broken?

    All of you brought up what I had forgotten, the money involved and how it threatens to undo this great core of players they’ve got. It’d be really cool to see guys just say forget the pay, we’re going to be good, and still very handsomely paid, we want to win so we’re staying put. Get us some other pieces via trade or free agency and lets get a trophy.

  • @wissox His shooting stroke is fugly. And I think he’s injured also.

  • @dylans I know he’s injured, but I haven’t kept up with him. I just read that he’s healthy enough that the Sixers are being tempted to use him.

    Given that the last 3 1st round picks of the sixers have lost all or almost all of their rookie seasons I’d be nervous to hear them call my name in a draft!

  • @wissox

    I was under the impression that Fultz was pretty much done for the season. I read where he cannot even make free throws but who knows. Here is a link with some information.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    That link looked old. I was just reading something current that said they’re considering using ihim.

  • @wissox rumor had it his form was looking a little better a couple weeks ago. It was completely broken several months ago. I would be surprised to see him play this year. I don’t think they need a PG who is unsure of himself in the mix for the playoffs, and to the extent that his issues are in his head, they don’t need him getting rolled out when he isn’t 100% fixed just to get punked in the public eye and broken worse. They will take the summer to make sure his head is on straight, I think.

  • @approxinfinity Yes. I think the “injury” that is being rehabbed is mostly his shot at this point.

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