Live Coverage

  • I will be doing live coverage of the first game on October 29… much like they did on kusports… I know there are many fans outside the area that do not get live television feed

  • I think that’s great cj… In addition, I hope folks in this community will post links to sites that stream the games for those that either live in blackout areas or without alternative access.

    I know many will be on ESPN3… but a good number are not.

  • Awesome cj! Looking forward to it.

  • @cj0788 Thanks for doing this and letting us know. ESPN3 has so many blackouts that you can’t always count on that. Will it be on this great site?

  • I’m considering options for a chatroom style page for in game discussion, but this may take some time to implement. Honestly, the autoupdating on the threads and knowing that its mobile friendly out of the box lends itself well to in game updates. But, the layout is not very compact. I’d kind of like to try out a simulation thread (maybe type lines to a common nursery rhyme so we know what the sequence is supposed to be) as if it were an in game chat, to evaluate on ease of use (how well does it autoupdate, how easy is it to follow along what’s happening), performance, and anything else we might not be considering.

    Also, if you guys are curious, my test site currently lives at – so I prove out stuff there before implementing it here. You’re welcome to play around there too, and at some point if I have a feature I think we should test, I’ll drop in there and maybe ask you guys to hop over if anyone wants to.

  • In our area we are blocked out of ESPN3 due to one cable acquisition of metro sports. So not sure where we can watch the game. This exclusive action has untended consequences, I am less likely than more likely to EVER subscribe to Time Warner Cable. KUAD should reach to monetize our games, yet not at the expense of blacking out die hard fans. Shame on KUAD !!

  • @lighthawk I know it’s barely even a considerable option, but espn3 can be watched on replay in the blacked out areas almost immediately after the game airs.

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