Will the SETONS be the moment of truth for KU and three point shooting?

  • KU is now 3 to 4 games into a run of 40% + 3 point shooting; this second game of the first round is the one I fretted over as being the possible breaking point of the run of hot trey shooting and coming coincident with Doke still being out.

    Seton Hall has WVU size and toughness, if I recall correctly, so this could be a very tough game to win without the 40% trey and without the Doke.

    This could be the game all the gut it out games earlier in the season could help us.

    Tomorrow could be a find a way to win game.

    If Doke doesn’t play this game, KU blows cold, and KU has to “find a way”, this could be an opp for one of KU’s great wins!!

    Pray for one more hot hand.

    But don’t bet against “the find a way guys” either!!!

    Go KU!!!

  • I keep feeling better for our guys!

  • JB, I think this is going to be a major test and could come down to the final possession. I would rather see them get a run in somewhere and hold the lead through the end, but it feels like a trap game.

  • I feel pretty good. This is the type of team we sometimes lose to, but usually beat. I will take the usually today- please and thank you.