OK so here is MY guy

  • Ok have had so many all over Trae Young - -that’s cool - - really good., - -so you go ahead and take Trae

    Me? - -glad you asked - -I think I’ll ride with Colin Sexton any day - -any week - -any year. – love his game. - - Can’t say Trae has lead his team to a better record - - Oklahoma is like 19-14 right? - - Alabama is 18-14 - – - -both teams like 8-10 in the conferences. Sexton much much quicker - - – just tearing Auburn up today – I just like Sexton much more all around - -You can have Trae - -I’ll take Sexton - - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • KU would have been insane this year with Sexton and Ayton. GOOD LORD. MERCY.

  • @BShark Sexton is insane - - -31 points today against Auburn - - 7 rebounds - -just flat took over the game . - -Don’t know if you watched but there was one play where fast break Sexton comes down does a wrap around and lob to a team mate for the flush. - – - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Uno Young is now a memory.

    So many Uno Youngs.

    Too many.

    Uno should transfer to KU, sit out a season, and remake his game. It has worked for others.

  • @BShark Still upsets me.

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