• Vick has gotten a lot of (deserved) flack for his play in the conference from me and others here. I thought he was very active yesterday particularly on defense, he got his hand on at 4 passes maybe more and got after loose balls. It was really good to see. Keep it up Lagerald!

  • Played pretty decent yesterday for sure. Vick and Malik are more than capable of repeating last nights performances. And, are going to have to if we want make a tourney run.

  • Speaking of Vick here’s a link to interesting recent article

    link text

  • I think I counted 7 deflections for Vick, he was active, thats all I can ask of him.

  • He was active at least.

  • He even made a shot or two. Agree with all his activity was at least a step in the right direction. Keeping him motivated game to game, is a game to game management

  • @Bosthawk Nice read. Good play by Vick and good for Self for giving him props for it. Also nice to see Landon getting some love which he didn’t always get during his KU days.

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