• For Thursday’s game against the Cowpokes. Why not? Let’s just muscle the crap out of them, and punish them on the boards. It can’t be any worse than what we did on Saturday. So, why not try it?

  • I’m for anything other than Saturday, but might it not be the Sooners we are playing?

  • The only bright spot about the OSU game was the Jamari/Kevin Young hustle and great shooting for a poised Big.

  • I said we should’ve started him before Saturday’s game, why not. One could say there is more to lose Thursday than there was Saturday.

  • This half season is going to be a HUGE blessing for SIlvio next year.

  • If it’s OU, I’d start Silvio in a heartbeat. He played his best game against them at AFH, and could use the reps.

  • @BigBad Doke/Dedric/Silvio/Mitch/McCormack. RIP to any opposing teams front court that has to deal with that shit. I agree that we should start Silvio. The only thing is do we really wanna do that to Vick right before the Tourney? He might never rebound and I still think he’s the key to this particular squads ceiling.

  • @SkinnyKansasDude I hear you. We pulled him out of the lineup before, and it threw him off. Then, we reinserted him back into the starting lineup, and he looked better for a few games, and then he tailed off tremendously. The body language looks like he’s not with us, so I don’t know what to think about him. I know if we get matched up with a Dook, I don’t see him guarding Bagley. Silvio is still making lots of mistakes, but he starting to make plays every time he hits the floor. Maybe there is not enough time to get him acclimated to playing along side Doke, but I think we have to try something different if we play Okie St again.

  • I pary we play OK State. Not for any revenge reason. We can actually benefit from playing them. Other teams are going to come at us with their same gameplan defensively. We have to learn how to beat it before next week. That is the only thing that has stumped Self so far this year. Basically they said we can’t run the weave against them and our guys look like idiots because of it. Instead of running the weave against the overaggressive ball pressure, run pick and roll with Doke and drive to the basket. Set up backdoor passes. Do other things.

    I can tell you that our first two games we will see teams trying to keep us out of the weave if OK State beats us with it again. Can’t be a one trick pony.

  • It’s constitutionally impossible, morally reprehensible, spiritually atheistic, legally illegal, physically incongruous, athletically unattainable, infeasible, dubious, mathematically improbable, criminally suspicious, absurd, outlandish, preposterous, and utterly ridiculous for us to lose to a team three times in one season. I suppose it’s happened breaking all of those laws of nature, those fiats of the Great One Himself, but I don’t recall it happening. And it’s not going to change. Period.

  • @wissox It does seem impossible. Especially to a team that isn’t good!!!

  • @wissox What does Wayne Gretsky have to do with it? 😉

  • Fightsongwriter said:

    @wissox What does Wayne Gretsky have to do with it? 😉

    I’d give you a PHOF except it’s Gretzky!

  • @wissox Typing on small phone keypad should not exclude one from PHOFs! 😁

  • Don’t think pokies have a threepeat. No way, no how…not in KC.

  • BigBad said:

    This half season is going to be a HUGE blessing for SIlvio next year.

    This is playing ginormous dividends for Silvio. Most people are failing to recognize how this kid is going to DOMINATE next season.

  • @SkinnyKansasDude

    He’s also the key to the floor.

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