KU Wins on a Mediocre Shooting Night!!!

  • Good:

    KU won a game when shots from Graham and Svi weren’t falling!

    KU wins on the road where other teams have struggled.

    Vick found his stroke for a half and pushed KU to the lead.

    Malik shows effort and contributes all over the floor.

    Doke scored almost at will in the post and made a free throw!

    KU limited turnovers and got more possessions than the opponent leading to more points.


    KU only beat the worst team in the league by 6.

    KU still shot below average from 3 (mostly thanks to Devonte and Svi).

    KU was out-rebounded…again.

    5 fouls for Newman (this isn’t actually all that bad in my opinion, shows activity, intensity on defense, bad luck).

    Tech handles OU at home and stays a game up on KU in the standings.


    Doke ends the game with 3 (count them 1, 2, 3) rebounds.

    Lightfoot not to be outdone snags just 2.

    The real reason we won might actually be due to ISU going cold.

    ISU shot 19% from 3 and we still only won by 6.

    ISU turned it over more than KU and we still only won by 6.

  • @benshawks08

    19% has become a lower threshold, where losing becomes nearly certain.

    45% has become an upper threshold, where winning becomes nearly certain.

  • The energy level was good and was big in us winning, the stat that stands out to me is 21 points of off 13 turnovers for KU while ISU had 4 points off of just 7 KU turnovers. Dokes rebounding must improve, his only bad stat in a solid outing. I was fairly frustrated with Mitch, he gave up most of Lards points and some silly and ones late to keep it close. He also gave them 4 fts for running in after a rebound way too late to even have a chance at anything but a foul. I can handle Newman’s fouls because most of which were aggressive, the most most aggressive team usually finishes with more fouls but we needed to battle and we did.

  • @benshawks08 very nice recap. Succinct, comprehensive and factual/accurate!

    Nice job.