Russia, Sochi, OAR, Soldier Athletes, and Sports As a Political Vehicle

  • Nice breakdown of what Russia did to get banned from the olympics on The Daily today:

    Ties the efforts clearly to the Kremlin.

    In contrast, heard an announcer mention in passing that the American luger was a “Soldier Athlete”. Apparently the US has some soldiers training all day in certain sports.

    The things superpowers do to appear to have a healthy, dominant sports ecosystem…

  • @approxinfinity I read “that the American luger was a ‘Soldier Athlete’” and wondered what this weird reference was to an American knockoff pistol I apparently had never heard of, and what it had to do with Olympics. Then I realized “luger” wasn’t capitalized!

  • @mayjay haha too funny

  • @mayjay

    Are you sure they weren’t referring to Lon Luger, the OU basketball coach?

  • :-)

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