So I Had A Dream Last Night

  • Where KU won the natty next season with Dedric going on an insane tournament run including averaging 30+ ppg in the FF games. After the title game he went on a crazy post game rant where he said he was returning to go back to back.

    Tifwiw, but obviously the source is excellent.


  • I do believe that your dreams are in fact a portal into the future

    (Plus I need someone to blame if KU loses 🙂

  • @BShark You will now be held personally accountable if this doesn’t happen. 😂

  • While we’re at it. I think that would make it back to back to back when you include this year. 😁

  • I just had a daydream we won our 14th consecutive National Championship… the game was called by Bilas and Fran. They both took personal credit for predicting this amazing streak… then suddenly Self came up from behind and called them out.