Lawrence = Brooklyn ?

  • Hey trendsetters! Found this link on today:

    According to a new article on The Daily Meal website, they consider Lawrence to be the “Brooklyn” of Kansas…

    “A quirky town full of Midwestern charm and full to the fedora brim with a rich culture of arts, music, sports, and more, Lawrence benefits from being home to both the University of Kansas and Haskell Indian Nations University. Check out Lawrence Busker Fest, a huge gathering of street performers, or come for the Free State Festival, an arts and film festival, or the Haskell Indian Art Market. There are also plenty of hipster-friendly hideouts like The Bourgeois Pig, a popular coffeehouse and bar.”

    Of course, I’d take this with a large grain of (pink Himalayan) salt…the same article calls Westport the “Brooklyn” of Missouri.

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