UK Looks Like KU on Baby Oil

  • Even Fizzou can hang with them.

  • Either team would have beat us today. Handily

  • @cragarhawk

    Remember: KU played as poorly as it could and still. Almost won.

    UK is really playing BAD!!!

  • I don’t think we played poorly at all for 15 minutes. Apparently someone deleted the memo that this particular game would be 40 minutes. In any case. There is no team in the country that I’ve seen that’s softer than we were first half.

    I don’t come away from this one with an “almost won” feeling. It’s more like a lucky it was single digits feeling. Just my opinion I guess

  • @cragarhawk

    5 point losses to OU and OSU are bitter indicators of off days.

    15-20 beatings would be bitter indications of an uncompetitive Team.

    We are facing the former.

  • This is just a crazy year in College basketball. Sure the hell not making any excuses for this team , BUT they blue bloods are taking some hits this year.

    Look at North Carolina - - Duke gets beat - -AGAIN - -today by an 11-13 St Johns team , - -Kentucky gets beat - -AGAIN by Mizzery , then the type of year were having at the Phog this year - -things are tilted.

    If anyone thinks at this point that KU is any better then a 5-6 seed in the tourney - -your just plain and simple nuts. - -Again - -AT THIS POINT. - doesn’t mean we can’t be higher =- BUT right now the way we have played - -were looking at another 3-4 losses in league yet - -Okla , West Virginia , - - -Texas Tech - -& very good chance even Oklahoma State - just not a great year. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @Jayballer54 I think we will end up higher than a 5 seed…but people have called me plain nuts before…

  • We were projected as a one seed going into today’s game. We have the most group 1 wins at the moment. Do we deserve a one seed after today, hell no. Doesn’t mean anything anyway winning is all that matters

  • @jaybate-1.0 Off days are when you don’t shoot well, this wasn’t an off day. It was a stand around like bunch dead beats for over half the game. Effort has to be a constant, end of story. Self has not gotten these guys by in at this point. Sadly how could you not be fired up to a conference game at AFH at the 120th anniversary of KU basketball with tons of former players that left sick as a dog. Self said that is the least competitive rebounding in the first half that he has ever seen since being involved with basketball, which I said before he did and completely agree. I feel like throwing up everytime I think about how we can’t play hard.

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