Moderator rights for all!

  • Ok, you don’t have moderator rights yet… But read this.

    So, there’s a feature that grants Manage Thread status to people at a certain threshold of Reputation. I want to bring that number down to get people involved (possibly to 10? Seems low, but you guys are a tough crowd - not giving each other rep!), but its not configurable at the moment. There’s also a higher threshold that unlocks Manage Users status. I would also bring that threshold down I think.

    Of the features I have as admin, I’m assuming they correspond as follows: Manage threads - move threads from bucket to bucket, and I’m assuming delete messages? (not sure if this falls into the next status) Manage Users - again, not sure about delete messages (this actually just deactivates the msg, it doesn’t delete it), and Ban Users. I’m imagining that this is also not permanent.

    It is my full intention to give you all these burdens… erhmm cough i mean these rights as soon as those thresholds are configurable.

  • I think this would be a good idea as long as you are able to maintain some sort of veto/reinstatement power. Seeing as you’re the creator of the site, I think that only sounds fair. Also, I noticed that you can favorite your own posts, so if you want to go by reputation, we would need to remove that function otherwise everyone would be able to manage threads.

  • I’m pretty confident I can reverse anything Thread Moderators could do, and I’m not really worried about everyone having thread rights granted them at a certain level. It’ll be a good thing.

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