Carlton Bragg

  • To New Mexico. Hope he can get it together.

  • @BShark I always wish the best for those who move on

  • BShark said:

    To New Mexico. Hope he can get it together.

    Boy this poor kid - -I sure hope he can get it together , and end up with a productive Basketball career - -still hard to pull against him, just a kid that possibly mixed up right now - hoping this is a place where he can re focus and still make something for himself. - -GOOD LUCK CARLTON

  • First year LOBO HC Paul Weir is taking Bragg in.

    Weir is assisted Marvin Menzies at New Mexico State, then Alford at New Mexico.

    Weir then replaced Menzies and Alford as Head Coach at both schools.

    So: Bragg is signing on with Weir who has two pedigrees, after having grown up and played college ball in Canada.

    You assess them.

    Alford is now at UCLA.

    Alford has the simple and fancy pedigree of having played for and assisted Bob Knight at Indiana.

    Menzies at UNLV has followed quite a windy road and has assisted:

    Steve Fisher at SDSU. Gulp.

    Henry Bibby at USC. Gulp.

    Lon Kruger at UNLV.

    Rick Pitino at Louisville. Gulp.

    I haven’t heard much skinny on Weir.

    Hope Weir’s one of the good guys and took more away from Alford than Menzies.

  • Following in the J R Giddens tradition!

  • @jaybate-1-0 Wow, even more than I thought. You raise the Alford connection. JR after going to NM (from a bio of JR):

    Giddens transferred to New Mexico and sat out the next season due to NCAA regulations. As a junior, he was suspended from the team in late February for disciplinary reasons and missed the team’s summer trip to work on his academics. New Mexico hired head coach Steve Alford, who took a no-nonsense approach to discipline, and Giddens made a dramatic transformation. As a senior, he was named Mountain West Conference Co-Player of the Year and Honorable Mention All-American following career highs in points (16.3 per game) and rebounds (8.8 per game).

  • Come on, Carlton, get it together while people yet have need of your potential! This sport has much to offer a young man with your size and developing skills. As a Jayhawk fan I am still ruffled at your letting yourself and your KU team down. As a rational and caring human being I wish the very best for you…and can yet envision your making a mark in the hoops world somewhere soon. Your time is racing through the hourglass.

  • @mayjay

    …and he was selected by the Celtics in the first round…

  • @JayHawkFanToo Now playing somewhere overseas. Total contracts have been worth over $18 million, acc to that bio.

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