Trae's hair

  • Pretty sure that is why he isn’t a jayhawk. The hair wouldn’t fly on our team.

  • Ha was about to post the same,! Easily the worst hair I’ve seen all year!

  • I can’t tell if he is going bald or just doesn’t understand hair. It seems to be greased in the front center, and all the rest is in a, need to mow the lawn, but don’t have time - I will do it fast but not well kinda vibe. Great player. But yo, haircut police, please intervene.

  • @JayhawksandChill Definitely balding.

  • @Fightsongwriter

    I posted earlier that Trae will be making commercials for the Hair Club for Men in the not too distant future.

  • Perry Ellis might disagree? :)

  • @Blown

    Perry embraced the baldness and did not try to hide it. The question is…will Trae sport a comb over any time soon?

  • @JayHawkFanToo see, if he would have just signed with Kansas he could be getting primo advice from HCBS on a hair piece. He blew it.

  • And a 13 year old voice to go with it. He should be playing for Bruce Weber

  • Funny, my son (12 yr old) was watching the game and said “what’s wrong with his hair? I don’t like it.”

    You gotta believe that Trae’s aware it’s not his strong suit. The kid is confident in his own skin (and hair) and that is part of his strength.

  • He looked less homeless when his hair was shorter as a youth.

  • He should be teamates with Conner Frankamp - I literally LOL’d when i saw WSU’s last game - he looked like a wild scarecrow.

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