Who Will Be Next Year's Samsonite Player(s) at the 1 and/or 5?

  • I asked something similar to my title question awhile back–before Billy Preston joined the all-Samsonite team.

    Each year KU, if it is lucky enough to sign a 5-star at the 1 or 5, learns with alarming frequency that that player has some Samsonite that is not widely announced to fans in advance. The Samsonite can delay initial clearance, or trigger no/or limited playing times in anticipation of late arriving Samsonite.

    Please list any players from next year’s incoming class( including transfers) that might be destined for the luggage carousel at KCI.

  • Grimes if you believe the rumors. Personally I’m ready for an off court drama free season. Let’s save the suspense for the games.

  • @dylans I like suspense-free games, too! Most of 'em anyway.

  • Grimes could be one of the five best players in his class once everything is all said and done.

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