Stealing a Win in Morgantown Will Turn the Tide of the Season: Let’s do it!!

  • A possible turning point nears.

    Preparations are under way for the Battle of the Monongahela!

    The keys to Victory in Morgantown are: first, break the press; then fight the intimidation with jungle warfare tactics; and then trifectate and feed Doke enough to overcome the referees EST whistle.

    Synchronize watches.

    Lock in defensive and offensive focus.

    Calibrate 3pt shooting sights for that weird dome.

    Visualize jungle warfare techniques.

    Mount bayonettes.

    Prepare morphing zone.

    Let’s do it!!

  • @jaybate-1.0 Shoot lots of 3s, keep firing away from downtown.

  • @AsadZ agreed. That’s the only way we will win. Too weak and undisciplined in other areas.

  • This should be where Garrett shines. He should be able to be the press breaker at the 4 today. If he is capable of doing this, we have a 50% shot at winning.

    The other 50% all depends on how the refs call fouls. Do they let WVU play more physical than the rules really allow? Or will they call ticky tack fouls that limit the WVU D, but at the same time cause KU to struggle due to depth issues? Or will they call a normal game, that causes WVU to foul much more than a normal team does, while the Jayhawks are able to avoid foul trouble?

    Will Self swallow his pride and challenge WVU to shoot over a zone? His masculinity as a M2M coach is especially challenged agains Huggy, so if he really can switch to a zone this game, we will know Bill really is adapting to this team. Which gives me hope that a championship run is still possible.

  • @Kcmatt7

    The refs have allowed WVU to foul with impunity all season, no reason to think they will call it any differently tonight.

  • @Kcmatt7 I like your opinions. West Virginia is not a great shooting team, so we should use a zone and pack in the lane. Better than getting bullied in the lane and giving up offensive rebounds and layups. Self won’t do it. Bank on it

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