Beard’s Raiders Do KU a Favor “Sort Of”, Beat the ‘NEERS!

  • Good news: Neers loss in Lubbock gets KU a shot to claw toward Ring 14 !

    Bad news: Neers will be fit to be tied.

    Inference: On THE CANAL, even the breaks can be lethal.

    Success, as they say, can be catastrophic.

    It may be too soon for the metaphor of The Battle of the Tenaru River for this season, but the WVU loss means WVU will be sent in to win at any cost by Huggins, same as Self sent KU to hold Henderson at all costs today. Huggs cannot allow his Neers to go 0-2 including a loss at home to KU.

    This means KU cannot hope to catch WVU over confident.

    KU also cannot go into Morgantown rested.

    Finally, KU cannot sneak up on the Neers, as a washed up ex-13-time champion.

    KU is a bonfide contender, if KU can steal a win in Morgantown. KU is real trouble if it loses.

    This is going to be a flipping bloodbath!

    Absolutely no prisoners taken.

    Two in.

    One out.

    Whoever wins here has a HUGE edge down the back 9.

    Both can avenge their other losses.

    Both can clip Beard and the Raiders later.

    But not this one.

    Not this time.

    A loss here is a loss on the sand bar of the Tenaru River, as much as the Monongahela.

    This is the deepest part of the jungle and the hardest place to lose in. There is no safe retreat path.

    Losing here can turn into massacre.

    Self’s Team shouldn’t have to play a game like this this soon, but losing one early at home early, and WVU jumping off quick, made it almost unavoidable.

    Neither should Huggins’ Team. It all looked so easy before the loss in Lubbock. But now going 0-2 right now could fling it into a four way dog fight it could easily lose in Lawrence later.

    Is there a sand bar in the Monongahela in Morgantown.

    If so, keep your distance.

    It’s going to get intense.

  • Where was Beard before he went to UNLV/TT? Can he recruit?

  • Yep. Can we make them pay for the Press? Might be better to ask first, can we handle their pressure? I hope the Hawks surprise me, but I haven’t seen much that says we can. We’re thin in the ranks, we’re anorexic when Devonte is out. And even Devonte, despite starting strong in the turnover category, has gone to making 1-3 just piss poor passes or decisions that have him getting picked in recent games.

    We’ll need the refs to call a tight game and that probably isn’t going to happen in Morgantown, WV!

  • @Bwag

    The thing with the press is that if you can beat it quickly you end up with an easy shot at the other end. The question is if we have the ball handlers to do it, Devonte probably can but Malik and Garret will have to have big games for KU to win.

  • @chriz He took Little Rock University to the NCAA tournament in 2016.

  • Sorry Jaybate, doesn’t make me feel any better for tomorrow night! Too much negative history in that building and with our under equipped team this year I fear the worst.

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