• Picking the FLOOR BURN AWARD for this game seemed easy at first. This was to be an easy trifecta… until “Black Death” entered the picture with his ferocity and prowess. So I made it to the window in time, and changed my selection to a superfecta:

    Joel Embiid was not going to be denied. His pride dominated every part of this game; offensive firepower with 13 points off of 4-for-6, rebounding zeal with 7 rebounds, assist generosity with 3 assists and oppressive fascism on defense through dictating control with 6 blocks and countless shot diversions.

    Andrew Wiggins was a man possessed. He owned the rim by sending the ball through 7 times for 21 points. He kept the ball out of Longhorn hooves almost at will, by snagging 6 rebounds a steal and two blocks. He stole one rebound off a missed free throw and put himself on the line as a result.

    Wayne Selden Jr appears to be the guy that keeps his eyes on the ground looking for spare change. And when he spots a rolling quarter, he dives for it and fights for it. It is the kind of attitude that was missing on this team early on this year, and it is the attitude that is helping this team find an identity. Wayne was the glue in this game. He stole 6 rebounds, two steals and had a block, but what he really mastered was finding the open man, and he did it 7 times (assists)! Wayne rounded off his game with 8 unselfish points.

    Tarik “Black Death” Black stole the show with a dunk that can hardly be considered a dunk. It is best to consider it a throw down, because that is what he did… he threw the ball down from a distance… sideways and downwards. Tarik has become the spiritual leader of this team. At certain times he will make a play that brings inspiration to a higher level for the entire team. In just 15 minutes of play, Tarik managed 9 points, 5 rebounds and a steal… and the best “throw down” all year!

    Frank Mason wins an honorable mention for his tough defense and overall play. In 18 minutes of action he managed 14 points off of 6-for-7.

    And a special shout out to Conner Frankamp, who continues to inch his way into more minutes of playing time. Conner made his way on the stat sheet with 5 points, 1 rebound and 2 assists in just 8 minutes of play.

    Conference Season Tally:

    Wayne Selden 6

    Andrew Wiggins 5

    Joel Embiid 4

    Tarik Black 4

    Perry Ellis 3

    Naadir Tharpe 3

    Frank Mason 2

    Brannen Greene 1

    Landen Lucas 1

    Conner Frankamp 1

    Jamari Traylor 1

    Andrew White III 1

    Justin Wesley 1

    Evan Manning 1

    Niko Roberts 1

    Christian Garrett 1

  • Long time reader with nothing to say. I guess yesterday’s performance inspired me. After Black’s dunk when Seldon was jumping and falling all over. I thought this guy even gets floor burns from the bench. I hope we get to see more games like that.

  • @jayhawkeyes

    I bet Niko Roberts has a sore back today…

  • @JayHawkFanToo After all the injuries we have had this season your comment and Black’s about punching Wiggins for his birthday make me worried. I laughed but it was more of a nervous laughter. Really not too worried after a game like that.

  • @jayhawkeyes it was inspiring! I was in the nose bleed seats, I had a blast! The place was juiced! Welcome.

  • @drgnslayr got to give this to the team for the big improving defensive EFFORT! Now we know they can! I was blessed to be there, will be there tomorrow too! Don’t want this to end!!!

  • @drgnslayr

    Oooh, Black Death, I like that a lot!

    Not sure Fran is ready for it though. 🙂

  • @drgnslayr forgot to tell you how pleased I was w/transition game. It’s like they figured out that playing great D was resulting in a whole lot of fun!!! One of my favorite hi lights was when Wiggins got an offensive board off a free throw, put it back then sprinted like Bolt down the court and caused a Texas TO. Didn’t know if you could tell on TV.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I was there for the TCU game last week myself, only the second visit in decades. As 22 says, ya’ll need to get back to AFH soon. If it is a really difficult/ special trip, you might consider waiting for Naismith’s Rules to be available. OR, make the trip trice. RCJH

  • Trice??? Meant twice, but trice works too.

  • @JayhawkRock78 I was thinking you meant 3 times!

  • Walking out of “the Drum” in Austin, I was talking with a nice old man wearing orange. He commented “this was the best game we(Texas) played all year.” I replied “things will be different in Lawrence,” to which he replied, “I know.”

  • @PackyWacky My wife and I have lived in Texas since 1990. We “used” to cheer for the Longhorns when they weren’t playing Kansas. That was until the behavior of the longhorn we encountered in their arena. We were repeatedly cursed at with a great many f- bombs. I’d hate to think what might have happened if KU lost!

  • @Chris1955 “won”

  • @Chris1955 I got the same treatment at K-State many years ago. It was a night that the Kitties beat us all night long and we climbed back into it gradually.

    With time running out, Steve Woodberry hit a long 3 pointer and we won ( by one or two, don’t remember ). Anyway, I’m pretty sure I jumped up (all by myself!) and yelled at the top of my lungs!! Apparently, I was the ONLY KU fan in the house that night.

    I got bad mouthed and dirty looks from every person in there when I was leaving the building. I didn’t worry about getting beat up or anything. They’re just K-State fans after all…

  • @jayhawkeyes That was my favorite part of the “throw down” as well. Selden was going crazy and I loved it! It’s sucha joy to watch our guys balling out and just having fun. I thinkt hey were more excited by the play than Tarik and i like the fact he barely paused before running back up the floor to play D, only to follow that up with a monster OOP

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