Better Dunk?

  • In the past three years there have been more than 3 memorable dunks, but I have three that stand out.

    Robinsons base line throw down vs Baylor.

    McLemore had a few last year from the base line as well, so pick any.

    And then Blacks throw it in dunk last night v Texas.

    Or feel free to add your own.

  • Withey had a couple of awesome dunks. In this dunk he posterizes Cobbins at OSU

    Withey posterizes Cobbins.jpg

    He also had a great dunk over Henriquez at KSU, he also whacked him on the head on the follow through…

    Withey dunk over Henriquez

    There is also the one he threw down against North Carolina. Kevin Young had a very nice reverse alley-oop dunk.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    Oh yessss… Mr. Withey!


  • There are none in particular I remember, but the run n gun Jayhawks of the early 2000’s with the slasher Keith Langford remain the best dunks in my KU memory. Keith really threw some down!

  • Not for style, but for surety, Wiggins’ first dunk last night was a thing of beauty. Two hands, even tho he was all alone; no way was that ball going to pop away from the scoring column. I was bound to a ringside seat in a South Padre Island sports bar last night, so have no DVR to review Embiid’s and Black’s dunks. Didn’t Selden bang a nice one, too? If someone has that shot of Black’s super slam over the Longhorn Mammoth, please post.

  • @REHawk Here you go!

    Tarik Black's impersonation of Blake Griffin

  • @bskeet I dreamed for Tarik to take care of Ridley, but this was beyond that!

  • bskeet and RockTheChalk, many thanks for the videos. WOW!

  • Look at the video! Tarik’s dunk wasn’t really a dunk! He threw the ball through the hoop! It was still pretty awesome!

  • @wissoxfan83 But they still scored it a dunk officially, probably due to they don’t have “throw down” on the official stat sheet used by the University, Big12 and the NCAA.

  • @JRyman Officially? As far as I know there aren’t offical stats for dunks!

  • @JRyman

    The dunk was interesting. I’ve never seen a dunk that was high enough or over the rim, but far enough from the rim to be a dunk. It was a long distance dunk. It was a rimless dunk.

    But the best part was the bench’s reaction. I couldn’t stop laughing. Embiid was backing Snacks into the seats, Wiggins seemed at a loss for actions, Roberts was loco, Selden was giddy, Tharpe was in robot mode, and Ellis didn’t know exactly what to think but did grin. It was a classic team moment. Snacks gathered himself and finally rejoined the coaches seats after realizing he was a coach and not a player.

    It was the most bizaare bench reaction, but the funniest I’ve ever seen. They were having fun. And that fact he did it against Cameron Ridley made it even better. The look on Ridley’s face is priceless.

  • There was a dunk by one of the Morris Twins a couple years ago (I want to say Marcus) that used to be part of the video montage that was pretty vicious.

  • Love the photo of Black, especially all the open mouths in the crowd in the background. OMG!!

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