Well guys

  • Well guys, just wanted to say that like lots of others plenty of upset with how the team played last night, just every phase of the game. We at no point ever lead in this game, so many things, a lot of flaws. Having said that though:

    As I had some time now since the ugly happening last night, browsing some other KU sites I 've got to say some people have just totally went over the top - -way behind the left field fenced with some of their comments such as:

    One threaded titled - -" FIRE SELF " - -I mean come on, that is just past so funny get a fricken life.

    poster makes statement " terrible recruiting " that has put him in the mess with lack of players. - -Lack of players, yes we have a lack of players right now BUT " terrible recruiting " ? - - -come on – please.

    There is a big difference it’s not him and terrible recruiting , you have to remember who he was is recruiting - , always in on the bigger recruits. Now does he or has he missed on some of these recruits?- -his share of these recruits? – Ya - -but that’s not terrible recruiting, you recruit big time players spend a lot of time on these OAD’s higher recruits and end up missing – meantime some other recruits move on to other schools. - - that doesn’t mean is terribly recruiting - it means these big time recruits at times pick OTHER schools that’s all - that just doesn’t make any sense to say he is terrible in recruiting - -look at next years recruits, is THAT terrible recruiting?

    Another talks about us missing the tournament completely - - come on now Seriously. - -How many honestly and seriously truly serious feel like we are going to miss out completely on the NCAA tourney? Some saying Coach Self is lazy - - -staff is lazy - -holy crap that is just insane.

    Your not going to land every recruit you go after - your sure not going to land every elite recruit you go after - - doesn’t mean he is lazy. - -Was it a bad loss? - -hell yes it was bad - - but it’s not the worst loss - -it’s not the end of the world - we just got to get it together move to the next game play harder - There are going to be some losses from other along the way for other teams NOT just Ku - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @Jayballer54 That’s why this board was created…and is the only KU board I go on… To avoid that kind of stuff.

  • @Jayballer54 As I recall, a number of NEngland fans were in a serious dither after they got stomped by the Chiefs at home in Game 1 this year. “Brady should retire” “Billicek doesn’t have it anymore” etc.

    Things even out in the course of the season. Thank you for posting an effort to calm people down. It is sports, we will lose and every time will hate losing, but losing a game or even the Streak is not worth losing our minds or our dignity.

  • Sports fans are manic depressive. Luckily for us KU fans the mania lasts for long periods. Unfortunately the depression is a deep dark pit of despair from which there is no escape…until the next win.

  • @dylans damn well put

  • All our players have to do is learn a new mantra, and keep it and say it and feel it every single day from now until the beginning of April -

    “Today we are going to become better than we were yesterday!”

    Then… go make it happen! One goal. Nothing else. Go become better every day. We shouldn’t panic. We shouldn’t fail to see the wood for the trees. Momentum comes much easier when we keep it simple. Don’t make this overwhelming.

    Character is never tested without facing struggles. We should know who we are and we should take it day-to-day… getting better every day!

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