Welcome to the turning point.

  • Today marks the turning point for this team. But not its destiny.

    One path leads to an almost certain 10th B12 championship in 10 years and an opportunity to spring into the post-season with a decade of momentum and confidence on our backs.

    On the other path lies a challenge, with confidence rattled. Uncharted territory for a team that is used to handling business at home. A contender on our tail waiting for a slip. And possibly, stumbling into the post-season.

    We’ll learn more about this team from today’s game than any other game so far this season.

    It won’t determine the outcome of the season, but it sets the stage for the final act.

  • KU by 9.


    Vegas agrees with you. The line opened ay 11-1/2 ad now it has settled at a more realistic 10.

    BTW, Duke opened as favorite at 5-1/2 and it is now 6. In other Conference games Oklahoma opened at 4-1/2 and it is now 5 over Kansas State, WVU 3 over Baylor, OSU 10 over TCU and ISU 11 over TCU.

  • @bskeet

    I like your story line!

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