Coach Bill Synder destroying what he created?

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    Heard on the radio today that Synder is making some noise in wildcat land. It appears he wants to step down but wants is son to replace him. It appears it’s creating some friction and drama in the land of cloning.

    Is it true? What have you heard?

  • DoubleDD said:

    Heard on the radio today that Synder is making some noise in wildcat land. It appears he wants to step down but wants is son to replace him. It appears it’s creating some friction and drama in the land of cloning.

    Is it true? What have you heard?

    Ya your right. - -I’ve heard exactly the same thing. I can’t remember who the guy is/was that K-State wanted to replace Snyder but Bill bowed up about that - -what was that guys name? - -K-State connection too. I can’t remember but you are 100% right. little bit of tension about this right now. - I hope they do hire his son - -right back to mediocrity . - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 my good Ksu friend says the fans do NOT want Snyder’s son!

  • Crimsonorblue22 said:

    @jayballer54 my good Ksu friend says the fans do NOT want Snyder’s son!

    Exactly this is what I’ve also heard, the KSU family does not want him at all - gonna be interesting to see what takes place.

    I think they might be in some trouble after he retires, we all remember what happened the 1st time he retired and they brought Ron Prince in - took a huge nose dive, could very easily happen again. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • K-State will have a hard time sustaining Snyder’s success. He built the program to succeed only under his leadership and with his blueprint.

    That’s one reason why I do not want KU to try and emulate Snyder’s model - there’s no guarantee it works for anyone other than Bill Snyder. Look around the country. Name anyone that has been able to duplicate what Snyder did at K-State. What Snyder did may just be a thing only he could do, and only in the era that he did it in.

    That’s certainly laudable, but not something anyone should try to duplicate.

  • @DoubleDD

    KSU should gladly hire Snyder’s son. They are completely ungrateful idiots if they do not. I would not hesitate a minute to hire whomever Self recommended—even if it were Tyler. Sooner or later persons like Snyder and Self have to be recognized for being orders of magnitude more savvy about running sports programming than the idiot bureaucrats they have had to labor under. If KSU DOES NOT DO EXACTLY WHAT SNYDER SAYS, KSU WILL WITHIN TWO YEARS BE AS BAD AS KU.

    Wake upandsmell the manure, sodbusters!

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    I can’t comment on Bill’s son. Just found it interesting that Bill is raising such tidal waves in Kstate land over for it.

    However I’m not sure the KU brass would follow Self’s expectations on a successor. They didn’t do it for Roy? If Roy had his way we wouldn’t have the Coach we have.

  • @DoubleDD

    Roy would have made them hire Joe and would have forced him to recruit West of the Big Easy

  • It is really not a secret. I heard from KSU alumni that Snyder has been wanting to retire but has not done it because KSU will not agree to have his son take over the program. Many fans are starting to resent Snyder treating the program as his personal property…much like the power cat logo which he apparently owns and from which he derives royalties.

  • Yeah this has been hinted at for multiple years now by KSU people that are in the know.

  • @BShark who do the fans want?

  • First, I am a life long hater of nepotism in most cases. It ruins firm cultures all the time.But there are certain circumstances when nepotism makes sense. Strategy without flexibility is insanity. Snyder’s kid has a chance to continue all of the myriad relationships that Snyder used to build his program. No other coach will have those relationships without Snyder Senior’s blessing. Period. For every move, there is a counter move. No matter what they do to Snyder, it will do them more harm than doing what he wants. And what is so bad with giving a brilliant coach that has saved your bacon again and again what he wants. So: since KSU needs that Snyder blessing, KSU needs to do what Snyder wants ASAP. Walk down the path. If his kid is a bozo, Snyder will be driving the value of the Power Cat franchise to zero. Snyder doesn’t want to do that. What Snyder wants to do is get his kid’s resume and HC on it, and worst case get his kid a little buyout money. So: fire him after two years.

    But I really don’t think they will have to fire him after two years. Snyder will be sitting in his wheel chair miked up to his son’s earbuds and Snyder will be calling most of the shots. That means KSU will have 2-3 good years with Snyder Senior in Snyder Juniors ear buds; then Snyder Senior will have a stroke, or infarct, and they can ease Snyder Junior out then.

    Really, this should have all happened four seasons ago. Waiting for Snyder to get too sick to continue is unseemly. Bad karma.

    Regarding the Power Cat logo and licensing. That is completely inconsequential. If the program sucks, then sticking with that merchandizing brand will quickly be worth very little. They can just tell Snyder enjoy the logo, the school is getting a new one and new endorsement and merchandizing contracts, too.

    I’ve always hated that logo myself. Its derivative of the Iowa Hawkeyes logo that Snyder brought with him in his head from his Iowa City days assisting Hayden Frye.

    Worse, it looks just like the Seattle Seahawks logo.

    But we are dealing with the sodbusters here and it was an accident that they ever got good in the first place.

    Most likely they will recede into oblivion regardless.

  • Crimsonorblue22 said:

    @BShark who do the fans want?

    The smart ones or the tucks?

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    KSU is under the impression it can get a big name coach; I am not so sure that will happen. KSU dropped quite a bit when Snyder retired before and will drop again when he retires for the last time.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Why wouldn’t they want someone with zero head coaching experience to lead what’s been a pretty decent program for the past couple of decades?

    Their current head coach had no head coaching experience either before he got to Manhattan.

  • The pulse in SW Kansas is that KSU fans do not want Snyder’s boy as coach. They think it will be a disaster. I do not know who they think should be hired though.

  • I still think Brent Venables would be a great head coach. Unfortunately he has all kinds of KSU ties, so KU is not a likely destination for this Salina, KS boy. I imagine he’s pretty happy at Clemson currently, but a head coaching gig will likely be in his future.

  • @nuleafjhawk

    At the time KSU hired Snyder, the programs was as bad or worse than what KU’s program is now and it would have hired anyone with a pulse. With Snyder, it ended up winning the lottery as he truly turned the program around and made it a consistent winner; however he had been an assistant coach a 3 othre schools prior to KSU. Sean Snyder has spent his entire career at KSU initially in administrative positions and moving up to his current position of Assistant HC and Special Teams Coordinator. As I understand, he does not have any experience coaching offense or defense only special teams; he was a very good punter when he played at KSU.

    Here is an article on how Currie wanted Leavitt as the next HC only to have Snyder nix the deal. Apparently Leavitt has a clause in his contract with Oregon that would allow him to leave without a buyout to become KSU Head Coach.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I was gonna say the same thing about Leavitt. From what I hear from KSU fans is no one but Bill wants Sean to take over but Bill has refused to retire or quit unless Sean is to succeed him. It could get a little interesting if they have a few losing seasons because he won’t step down and firing the coach that your stadium is named after can’t be a positive thing. Although I have read books that claim Phog Allen was forced to retire earlier than he wanted to, he wanted coach Wilt til he was gone. Some of the stuff I read claimed Phog wanted Ralph Miller or Dean Smith to replace him in the end and not Dick Harp (could you imagine, Harp was decent but the worst of the 3).

  • @kjayhawks Phog had to retire due to age. State employees were forced to retire at a certain age. Unfortunate for KU and him as I think we’d have another banner. (Probably just wishful KU fan math though)

  • @kjayhawks

    Indeed. Snyder is 78 now and had a recent bout with cancer…talk about a catch 22. Too bad Snyder is undoing some of the good will with the school just to help his 48 year old kid. I can understand trying to get your young kid get started…but a 48 year old?

  • @JayHawkFanToo Ya that’s definitely a bad look to force him out. Most of the fans want better for the teams. When they were in their best in the late 90s, early 00s they were winning 10 games a year a lot more often, since his return they have struggled to make it bowl eligible. Most were happy to see Dimmel leave, the question is does Sean take over the offense to proof his worth? Will it be a disaster? CBS ran an article saying Snyder was holding the school hostage, not a good ether.