Right Now

  • Right now - - - -Right now, let’s face it - -Right now this team, is just not very good. Now you can say I’m an idiot no BB IQ -, you can try to twist this around , sugar coat it, make any kind of excuse for it - -but still at the end of the day - -Right now - - we suck.

    The fault is not ONE guy - -it’s the entire team - every single one. This team has glaring issues on defense, the biggest one is they can’t cut off dribble dives to if their life depended on it.

    People is just way off base trying to point out Mitch, ya very very true Mitch is not good on Defense - but he is just part of the problem - by far not THE PROBLEM. -I can point to any single player out there and they all have the same problem - none of them can defend - - period.

    This team lacks leadership, someone that will get in the face of others let them know hey come on we have to step this up , that take charge guy. This has already been discussed earlier but it’s true - we don’t have that get angry guy - that Alpha.

    Sure we looked like gang busters when playing the South Dakota States - - The Oakland’s - The Texas Southerns. - -When we play quality teams - - Kentucky - -Syracuse ya we won - but we strugled. We struggles with Kentucky’s length the entire game , - -We struggled against Syracuse for over half the game. - - -Washington - -and Now Arizona State? - - We looked like crap.

    We have some people here that have the impression If or when Billy Preston gets back that he is going to be the almighty savior. Is he going to be that ever lasting defensive stopper? - -Is he going to make that difference , um he will help possibly but our defensive problems is far more then what Billy can do for us, - -Is Billt that great of Defense himself? - -probably not as he has yet to touch the floor in a game when it matters. we don’t know. - -Sure he will help on the offensive end I imagine, but that’s not where the problem is - - It’s our defenive end that is just killing us. -These teams are getting pretty much anything they want at anytime they want.

    Again if some wanna try and place the blame on Mitch - -go ahead if thats what makes you feel good then knock yourself out , your only fooling yourself, he may be part of it - -but some try and come off like he is all of it - that’s just not happening. - -Face it -at this point - this is not a very good team. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • If we still had Frank we would be singing a different tune right now. I guarantee it. NO player, guard or big at KU in the Self era has been tougher than Frank. Not one.

    That said, I agree with your sentiments in a way. I think we need to temper our expectations for this team. I still believe they can win the Big 12 with time and some Self coaching up. But, that’s about as far as I am willing to go at this point.

  • @jayballer54 Well, the last 2 games would say we are not as good as we thought we were. But to say we suck? I don’t think so. ASU is good and they played very well. Some of the shots they hit? Come on. No question the team has some issues…at this point we are not a final 4 team. We don’t suck.

  • @Lulufulu need more bodies!

  • Washington getting smoked by gonzaga

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Yeah the Zags destroyed Washington by 27. As if we need another measuring stick.

  • Washington got destroyed by Virginia Tech as well.

  • And the game was at Washington. The Zags were certainly not “flummoxed” by the Washington zone - they scored inside, outside - basically at will. Only 8 TOs, dominated the boards, and shot better than 50% from the field. Really showed how porous the interior of the zone was.

  • We certainly suck right now. Why sugar coat things.

    Arizona St didn’t make anything they normally wouldn’t. If anyone has seen them play this is how Hurley has instructed his team to play now. Their guards are seniors and they know how to make people pay for any little mistake. They shoot freely and from any distance. Looked a ton better then what we have been clouting as the best perimeter in the country.

    Having more bodies will help depth and maybe bring this team together. Those are wishful thoughts.

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