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  • Get ready for another annoying game of 2-3 zone. New UW Huskie HC MIKE HOPKINS basically coached Syracuse for Sleepy Jim the last 5 years, after playing for him, too, then moved to UW in frustration with Sleepy Jim wanting to keep coaching.

    UW’s 2-3 stretches more, but the rest seems the same as Cuse. Long guys standing up in long socks, but

    Hopkins assistants are former Romar assistant Cameron Dollar and former Tarkanian guy and UNLV HC Dave Rice.

    David Crisp is their guard and scorer.

    Bummary: not as long as Cuse, but brawnier. Working with Romar’s left overs. Should beat them handily, but playing zones is tricky if we blow cold outside. They’ll probably try to rough us up to avoid what happened to Cuse. They’ve got a week to adjust their zone to what we did to Cuse’s zone. We’ve got a week to fine tune. It ought to net help us to have just seen the 2-3.

  • FYI Washington is terrible.

    There is nothing annoying about their zone besides the fact that they run it and run it poorly.

    At least Cuse was perfect practice for this cupcake defense

  • #137 Kenpom and the #204 defense. WOOF.

  • BShark said:

    #137 Kenpom and the #204 defense. WOOF.

    #204 defense is too put it lightly a glowing endorsement of them.

    They like to play fast too, recipe for KU scoring 120

  • Somehow we have the #3 D but I think that is in large part due to our schedule.

  • BShark said:

    Somehow we have the #3 D but I think that is in large part due to our schedule.

    D has been much better this year I think.

    It certainly could be schedule related but if you have seen most of the teams out there, I haven’t seen 5 teams defending better then them to date

  • BShark said:

    Somehow we have the #3 D but I think that is in large part due to our schedule.

    Most top teams tends to have a soft schedule at this point unless they play in one of the early tournaments with other top teams. KU’s SOS is middle of the road and better than Villanova which is ranked #1 by Pomeroy and #2 by Sagarin and Massey. The next 5 games should improve the SOS quite a bit and once conference play starts the SOS is going to be considerably better since the Big 12 is the top ranked conference in all the ranking I have seen.

  • According to Gary Bedore’s Twitter account, Sosinksi is expected to be added to the squad for Wednesday’s game.

    “Self said he’s been impressed with Sosinski as a kid, says he is bright and has picked up stuff quickly. Said he will be good for Azubuike, thus is expected to be added to team for Wed game. “He’s hard for Udoka to score on,” Self said.”

  • @Gorilla72

    Self gets the seriousness of Doke and nothing else ready for prime time.

    Sosinski sees minutes soon, unless Lightfoot and Garrett transmogrify.

  • Et al,

    I agree Huskies are rebuilding, but…

    I smell fan hubris.

    The only way KU makes any 2-3 zone against a major look sick with Doke only in 23 minutes is with huge production outside; I.e., 55 from DG and LaCobra. KU blows cold and the going gets tough.

    Huskies have a 6-7 245 pounder that Sosinski might be required for.

  • @jaybate-1.0 They are ranked lower than some of the sisters of the poor we have played. Tifwiw.

  • They are learning a new scheme.

    Players take awhile to adapt.

    If they don’t adapt by our game, and we shoot 38 or better from trey, we blow them out.


    If they get the hang of their new schemes, Doke gets fouled up, and we shoot 25-30% from trey, unless Sosinski’s ready, watch out.

  • @Gorilla72

    Sound like a really good addition. The kid was a good JuCo Player so at least he has some experience…and size. After playing for the football team I wonder how he will deal with winning consistently and will he move to the Basketball dorm…like winning the lottery. 😄

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