Graham 30, Toledo 30

  • That fact needs to be memorialized for posterity’s sake.

  • @justanotherfan Graham is putting on a show tonight!

  • 35-35 now!

  • @dylans

    I think Graham is done for the night now

  • @justanotherfan Toledo sure hopes so!

  • @dylans I don’t know why anyone was worried about him! 🤔

  • I told everyone he would go nuts for 30 lol was just a matter of time. How about his line tonight 35 points (14-19; 5-8) 5 rebounds and 5 assists with 0 turnovers. Dude had to be like +50 while on the floor.

  • I think the one thing we have to realize and keep in perspective is, and I think all of us know this - and that is the quality of the competition. I mean we don’t want or we don’t want the players to get to full of themselves with these results.

    I mean we have been playing really good - just don’t want us as fans or the players to think that we might be that much better, the Competition gets a lot harder starting Saturday. - We will really have our 2nd chance at a more quality opponent.

    Neutral court gonna be a really good game. love the way we have been playing - -Syracuse got some serious height. - -6’6 & 6’5 on the top of that zone - -have a 7’2 guy so we need to bring our a game. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • When KU shooters are in the zone like they were for this game there is no college team they cannot beat.

  • @jayballer54 I hear you, but we heard the same thing about Purdue. Spread the floor, disrupt passing lanes, rebound and run and gun and we’ll be fine.

  • It seems like our players blow the other team out, but AFH REALLY blows them out. We come out hot, the crowd gets into it, the other team gets rattled…and the game is OVER quick. Am I the only one that kind of feels sorry for some of these teams?

  • HawkChamp said:

    @jayballer54 I hear you, but we heard the same thing about Purdue. Spread the floor, disrupt passing lanes, rebound and run and gun and we’ll be fine.

    As long as we can keep knocking down shots we will be fine. - -We struggled with Kentucky’s length shooting over height, - we knock our shots , sooner or later Syracuse gonna have to come out of that zone. - -They have a pretty decent team -Big - but we play like we have been and I’m not worried. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Had to laugh. - - Was watching the high lites of the game off ESPN this morning, and they showed a Devonte lead pass to Doke for a dunk, - -and sure enough like the ESPN people said - -here is Doke and he puts the ball down one time/takes one dribble and slams it home.

    Only one problem - -clear as day - - clear as the day is long - - -he double dribbled lmao. - - when he dribbled the ball dribbled with both hands on the ball - - umm no Doke lol - -it’s ok big Fella - the beast just continues to attack - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @Hawk8086

    All the major programs tend to have an advantage at home and while AFH is at the top, it is by no means the only one that is loud; in our conference alone several schools such as ISU and KSU can be pretty loud. KU is only 8th in attendance in Division I.

    Here is a list of the top 20.

    Rank School G Attendance Average

    1. Kentucky 17 398,850 23,461
    2. Syracuse 21 444,809 21,181
    3. Louisville 17 354,390 20,846
    4. North Carolina 16 289,075 18,067
    5. Creighton 17 296,013 17,412
    6. Wisconsin 17 293,870 17,286
    7. Maryland 18 299,306 16,628
    8. Kansas 16 262,320 16,395
    9. Indiana 18 294,549 16,363
    10. North Carolina St. 18 286,322 15,906
    11. Nebraska 16 246,832 15,427
    12. Arkansas 18 274,446 15,247
    13. Michigan St. 16 236,752 14,797
    14. BYU 18 260,569 14,476
    15. Arizona 16 230,560 14,410
    16. Iowa St. 15 214,130 14,275
    17. Virginia 16 227,922 14,245
    18. Purdue 17 234,930 13,819
    19. Marquette 17 233,169 13,715
    20. Tennessee 16 218,190 13,636

    As you can see, only ISU played less games at home (15) than KU who played 16. Syracuse, with the largest arena played 21 games at home and had 150K larger total attendance than KU and Kentucky averaged more than 7,000 fans per game than KU…talk about advantage.

  • @Hawk8086 yes!😜

  • @JayHawkFanToo Kentucky’s attendance this season is down, averaging right at 3,400 less per game - -they trying to figure out why ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54

    No question that the OAD combined with a weak schedule and a half decent football program is starting to hurt Kentucky. Once the better part of the schedule starts attendance will go up. KU has really not much competition from football and it is easier to sell out a 16,300 than a 23,500 capacity arena. Cameron will always sell out because its capacity is under 10,000.

    In any case, even at the lesser level KU has 4,000 more fans per game than a sold out AFH. Like I said, KU is far from being the only team with a home advantage.

  • @JayHawkFanToo It’s best to keep ‘em wanting more. Allen Fieldhouse would suck if it was 50,000 seats and the demand would go down as you could get tickets to any game you wanted.

    Allen Fieldhouse offers the best home court advantage bar none. The trade off is KU will never have the highest home court attendance as long as they play in Allen Fieldhouse. Another good thing about that is it keeps the market from becoming completely saturated.

  • @JayHawkFanToo True home court advantage may be true - -bit you ration it out - it’s been proven KU has a home court advantage AND the loudest arena - already established that record on the decibal level - -loudest arena in the country.

    Doesn’t do a lot of good if you pack in 23,00 or whatever and the biggest majority of that fan base is of elderly nature, Uk fans have even commented on this - -a lot of their fans are wine and cheese - like your setting at a tennis match and the polite clap - time to get rowdy - crazy let them know your there.

    KU get’s it - - Duke gets it - -UK fans not so much. - -I’ve never been impressed by their crowds. - - Iowa State gets it - -doesn’t do any good if you have 23,00 plus and they sit on their hands. - -Younger UK fans complaining feeling like they need to be able to be seated closer to the floor. - Some can have sold out arena’s and you can still feel like your playing in a morgue.

    That’s why I’ve never been impressed with the Carrier dome - -way to big to hold a college basketball game - -you lose the intimdency , the closeness - -same with the Dean dome - - I’ll keep our 16,300 and be quite happy - -where it REALLY GETS LOUD - - so many recruits/players/foes have mentioned as much. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • I did not say KU does not have a home court advantage, what I said is every major program has a home court advantage, some more that others but they all do, even smaller programs like KSU.

    Now, when is the last time you have been to AFH? The entire lower tier/court side tickets are full of what Coach Williams used to call the “whine and cheese” crowd. These tickets are so expensive (require substantial 5 figure donations to the Williams fund) that most are corporate tickets. I have seen older people and couples with young kids that play video games the entire game and don’t stand up or cheer much. Most major programs are the same way with the only exception being Duke where all the court side tickets are taken by students.

  • Not sure I can stomach any more of these blow out games. They are just like watching Mike Tyson beat up residents at a care home.

    I don’t think I can be convinced these lopsided games are good for us. Great for building egos, unrealistic expectations and the perfect reason for players to coast through their big developmental period over Christmas.

  • @drgnslayr this was discussed on another site about the schedule. I think these games are good so guys can get more game experience in their new roles. Devonte is in a new role, Newman is in a new role and Dok is in a new role. Understanding each other and developing on court chemistry is very important. It seems as though the fanbase goes back and forth on this - when the schedule is lighter, we worry about being tested. Yet when it is hard, we worry about being beat up and worn down by the end of conference play. You can’t have it both ways.

    As we have seen over the years, difficulty of schedule has zero impact on tourney results. Just look at Gonzaga last year and Memphis in 08. Both played a couple good teams in the non con but fattened up on cupcakes in conference, yet that didn’t stop them from getting to the title game. Even if you have a tough schedule and develop from those, that does not necessarily correlate to elite eight wins. It is hard to predict which teams will show up in March and which ones wont’ (Villanova in 2016 and Xavier last season are great examples of this).

  • @JayHawkFanToo when’s the last time you’ve been to a game?

  • I will say the last two games I went to. I sat in row 6 for one and row 11 for the other. Both sideline seats. I was probably the rowdiest fan within ear shot perhaps. But I’m a pretty rowdy individual. Much nicer than watching from the nosebleeds for sure. But I also see alot of ppl from other programs. Past players, Media figures, Etc, they generally all agree there’s but one place that has the best home court advantage in the nation. Others may be close. But only one is best. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like Kansas.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    I used to catch 2 or 3 games a year but not recently. I do I have a close friend that has season tickets and I get periodic reports. He and his friends sit way up there in the same area and are upset with the points method that gets court side tickets to wealthy people that are not necessarily fans but think is cool to be seen at the games.

    I have also watched just about every KU game on TV and it is not that difficult to see it who sits at court side. In comparison, look at the Duke games; all the court side tickets are taken by students.

    I am not saying that it is right or wrong, lots of schools do it, I am just saying that KU is not that different than other schools. KU sells out every game and has great fans but a fair number of the ones sitting at court side are not necessarily, shall we say…enthusiastic?

  • Best fans in the nation. Nearly 1/4 of Allen Fieldhouse is reserved for students (4000 seats). Anyone willing to pony up 💵 can sit in the first 10 rows - doesn’t make them bad fans. Those are generally the fans that win you more games than the rowdy ones. Donations do more than vocal support.

  • @HawkChamp

    Good reply.

    Yeah… it may be correct that the March results aren’t impacted. Not sure we have a big enough sample group to know though.

    I vented some frustration mostly because I find these games totally boring. These games definitely don’t help our SOS.

    I can see playing 2 or 3 of these games, just to break in freshmen. Beyond that, I just don’t see the value. There is always risk of injuries so might as well go for an opportunity to help our team more.

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