I missed the game

  • Looking for someone’s summary. Might as well give it to me here. Stats looked good again. Doke has missed 11 shots all year. Amazing start by that young man.

  • Dok had 9 of KUs first 11. Then he had a silky foul (over the back) and took an early seat. Whilst Dok was on his behind the guards scorched the nets and the game was over before halftime. The second half started off with KU playing well and basically unguarded, so Oakland’s coach burned his last two timeouts 3 1/2 minutes into the second half.

    Dok is an impossible guard for shorter players.

    Malik needs more confidence. He could be the best player for KU this year if he puts it together.

    Vick looks amazing!

    Devonte’ has been a great leader so far.

  • I missed it too 😣😣😣

  • BShark’s brief player summaries

    Doke = tank

    Vick = lightning, actually could have done more this game, only took the 5th most shots

    Newman = Selby, but a hair better

    Svi = attttttaaaaaaaaaaaack, unfortunately he missed a lot of 2 point looks last night

    Mitch = game of his life so far, he finally looked like adrenaline wasn’t flowing out of him like a fire hydrant

    Garrett = got after it on defense again, so surprising not. Only 1 steal officially but had a very near steal where he poked it into the back court, several other disruptive plays that lead to turnovers or bad shots for Oakland. Also had I want to say about 3 very easy drives to the basket where he floated in for a lay–up.

  • Wow, I feel like I watched the whole game now! Thanks Guys!

  • Kansas 356 Groucho Marx School of Flatulence 21

    What more can be said? lol

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