Holiday Hoops

  • A really good slate of games. Nova had a close game with Western Kentucky. Arizona lost to nc state. Wichita State and Notre Dame should be fantastic.

  • Welp. Up to #2.

  • @KirkIsMyHinrich assuming we get a w on friday

  • That’s true, I’ll wait until after Friday’s game.

    I’m going with Shockers by 7 tonight.

  • What does everyone think of the PK80 Nike tournament? I think it’s a little much this early in the season.

  • @kjayhawks maybe but the matchup possibilities are great. Kind of a march feel with all these tournaments. I like it - wish we were in one…

  • @HawkChamp I enjoy when we play in these early season tournaments. This years hoop hall invitational is kinda a joke with 3 campus games vs nobody’s and playing Syracuse in Florida. I’ve told my wife when we retire we are gonna go to the Maui tournament one year when KU is in it, if it’s still around. Kinda odd that we haven’t played in the NIT since Roy was here. Idk if that’s Selfs deal or the NIT favoring Nike schools.

  • Here’s a link to the early season tournaments for everyone, some have already been completed.

  • Seth and JWill both picked Notre Dame. This is a tough one for me. I’d say if Notre Dame shoots it well they will probably win but if not, Marsha wins.

  • Frankamp is already pretty close to a horseshoe. He’s got an impressive combover for a 23 year old.

  • Wichita State plays really good defense. That is their main weapon in March. Definitely looks like an elite contender this season.

  • WSU just out hustles big name schools, they get 90% of the loose balls, they rebound well. That’s why there a match up nightmare. Nothing to do with talent, they just work every second, I think the Cal first half was the only WSU game I’ve watched in recent years where they didn’t out scrap the other team.

  • One team plays defense, the other team shoots 3’s. WSU is a better version of the WVU team that beat ND in the tournament last season.

  • BTW check out Frank on ESPN right now.

  • Wichita State is a solid team with no major weaknesses; Frankamp is playing well.

    Arizona losing was a surprise. Ayton went off for 27 points and 14 rebounds and Trier also had 27 points, the rest of the team had 30 points combined.

  • Go Irish! Win by 1!

  • Wichita pulled a huge choke job there. Had numerous opportunities - that miss on the front end free throw was the difference.

  • I can’t believe they let ND steal the ball on the inbound that got them within one.

  • Wichoka St Horribly played down the stretch jacking up poor shot after poor shot. I thought it was interesting to see Mike Brey wearing shorts on the ND sideline!

  • I went to bed with 12 mins. or so left and WSU seemed in control. They really impressed me up to that point. I can’t believe they lost.

  • @JayHawkFanToo That inbounds play under the basket was a thing of beauty Self could have scripted.

  • So Arizona lost to NC State which is awesome.


  • @mayjay

    Didn’t Larry Bird steal one like that in a playoff game?

  • BShark said:

    So Arizona lost to NC State which is awesome.


    -And today, NC State loses to Northern Iowa. Big let-down by NC State…

  • Just watched Arkansas - -Oklahoma , pretty good game. I’ll just say this. I’ll give credit where credit is due, & Trey Young is legit. Some really sweet passes, they say he is leading the Nation in asst avg like 11.5 a game right now.

    With that being said looks to me like a Buddy Hield /Oklahoma part 2. -maybe a little better, think Trey a lot better passer, but I’ll say this - Trey is going to cost Oklahoma some games too, especially early. - Taking some of his near 1/2 court shots in crunch time - some forces Again Trey is legit - the rest I’m not overly concerned about - -solid team but not a great team. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • WKU up on #18 Purdue bye 11 at the half with Coleby getting 2 quick fouls and a non factor. Purdue was upset by Tennessee yesterday.

  • @kjayhawks starting to wonder about Purdue being overrated.

  • @HawkChamp It looks that way but often times even the early polls reflect what the most think the team will be later it the year. Kinda like UK, they ain’t playing like a top 10 team early but easily could be in march.

  • Seen OU went down to Arkansas 92-83 Young had 28. He almost has been a one man band early for them.

  • Watching some really bad games tonight, maybe just me but these games are or what seems to me really ugly. - -Texas/ Butler at the half 22-19 Texas - -Texas does not impress me at least not in this game, careless passes, horrible shot selections - Both teams really.

    K-State/Arizona State horrible game out of control running ragged up and down the floor - -what the hell is wrong with these guys? - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • So… K-State and OU go down. West Virginia is up at the half and starting to turn their season around (?). Oklahoma State barely pulls it out. Baylor beats a good Creighton team. Texas beats Butler. Texas Tech beats a weaker Wofford team by 26. I know it’s early but the Big 12 seems to be shaping up as voted pre-season. Anyone see surprises out there?

  • No offense to Young Trey…but when he faces equal or greater talent, will he or can he take his game up a level? We shall see. We all know he’s good and ‘legit,’ but can he find consistency? I think comparing him to Buddy is too illegit.

  • Arizona struggling, just lost their second game in a row. Looks like a two man team with Trier and Ayton.

  • Watching the first half of Michigan state and DePaul. DePaul has missed so many layups and shots at the rim - should be up seven.

  • Honestly, Michigan State looks a lot like they did when we beat them last year. Given that we add another big, we can play with them, no question. Some in the media think they are above us - I’m not sold on that.

  • HawkChamp said:

    Arizona struggling, just lost their second game in a row. Looks like a two man team with Trier and Ayton.

    Which is pretty crazy considering they are loaded with 4/5*. Not sure exactly what to make of this. Also man…if we had Ayton… :(

  • @truehawk93 I said this somewhere else, I think Young shows your typical immaturity right now. - -He may be able to keep you in some games BUT looks to me like he can sure play you out of a game. - -Jacks up some very questionable shots. I can’t believe a Coach would want him shooting some of those shots constantly - I mean he is jacking some up barely past half court. - -He is good, BUT like you say I think he is gonna struggle some against equal or better talent.

    I think what they have is a Buddy H. team part 2. - Only difference is Young might be a better passer - -probably about the same scoring wise - not right now but he will be - -close now. - -Not to worried about them. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 its small sample size, and they play different positions. BH may not be the best comparison.

  • 3genhawk said:

    @jayballer54 its small sample size, and they play different positions. BH may not be the best comparison.

    Ya probably not the best comparision, just going more off their scoring capability - -But watching Young just saying that I think he can shoot you right out of a game as he did the other night, in crunch time he was launching shots from near mid court -forcing things on conjuested drives - -I will say this he can make some sweet passes though. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • It really is both frustrating and baffling to watch Roy. He couldn’t won a championship to save his life at KU, and now he has three. He had some great opportunities too but fell short. Ugghhh

  • That being said, UNC looks like a final four team and one seed material.

  • @HawkChamp true story. It’s irritating. And they do look pretty solid now. Maye is a force

  • Alabama and Sexton (10 pts) beat BYU today. Tomorrow, AL faces it’s first true test of the year in Minnesota, also undefeated. Should be a good one.

  • Not trying to jinx Texas here, but they look pretty good against Duke early on. I’m not sure if I’d take Bagley or Bamba if asked to pick.

  • Duke is gonna lose, we are going to win and come Monday we will be #1.

  • @approxinfinity Sure hope Tripper and Puke does lose. But not sure we want to be number one at this stage of the season. Puts a God awful lot of extra pressure on the kids. We have a huge target on our back already just because of the name on the jersey.

  • Kerwin Roach just posterized Duke. Awesome!!!

  • Dunk was amazing.

    Luke Maye reminds me of Nick Collison a bit.

  • I’M telling you Texas is no dog. - - They gonna be tough, they for sure aren’t going to lay down for us.

    The thing that concerns me is, we are going to have big matchup problems on the inside with them. I mean Doke can take one but who is taking the other. - - That Sobeski or however you spell his name is really put together - really built - you put Doke on him - then who is taking Bamba?

    They are going to be a challenge - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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