Annual rant that my KU friends can't watch KU games in the state of Kansas.

  • This comment I saw on facebook says it all:

    “It’s crazy. For 20+ years we were transferred all over the US and we never missed a game via DirecTv. When I retired and we moved back home - TO LAWRENCE - suddenly I have to miss several games a year due to Zenger selling out the fans to a local cable company. Pretty nuts! At least 38 is showing them now, so we should be good for this year at least.”

    To sum up a man has watched every game living in other places for the last 20 years, then moves to Lawrence and has to miss games.

    FIRE ZENGER NOW. For this and for the sorry state of the football team.

  • It would be different if Allen Fieldhouse had empty seats…Why don’t they do us all a favor and blackout KU football games?

  • @wissox

    I have been advocating firing Zenger for a while now; most stupid contract ever signed. Only 4 men’s games are going to be on channel 38 including the one yesterday. Luckily the rest are either on regular ESPN, ESPN 2 or the networks and the Nebraska game is on Fox Sports.

  • @wissox You should remind them of the new opportunities on the correct provider to watch table tennis or whatever the tradeoff was.

  • Ya it really sucks I tell ya, me and a buddy had this conversation the other day. Growing up in the 90s here in central kansas on a map dot we used to get most the games with bunny ears. Jayhawk TV network used to on WB 33 which is now the CW, they covered a hand full of these early season games most years (later in the early 00s it switched to NBC/KSN). CBS local used to always cover the Mizzou and Texas games before the tournament it seemed like. Then the Big 12 network from ESPN plus was on FOX here local and good for several games. Seemed like I could watch 15 or games without even having cable. Now for some stupid reason the local teams seldom even play on CBS in tournament like they always used to.

  • With the 38 deal in place now I would THINK this won’t be an issue going forward. Just let local channels pick up the JTV games if they want them.

  • @BShark

    Do you think Zenger is trying to appease all the POd donors in Johnson County that want him gone and now that the football program is circling the drain and about to take him along he is looking for friends?

  • @JayHawkFanToo The “Grammar and Usage Committee” will be contacting you soon to discuss if the universally-used “POd” (pee-OHED) is the proper term, or whether proper English speakers should instead set a good example with the more technically correct “PdO” (peed-OH).

    Just funnin’ with ya. This type of crap always has POd me ever since the 60s TV show The Mothers-in-Law (Kaye Ballard and Eve Arden, but no one cared then and you will not care now). We had to talk about courts-martial in the Army. Technically correct, but stilted.

  • It’s tough being a Jayhawk fan in small town Kansas. I’ve figured out how to get the blacked out ESPN3 games but it’s annoying you have to work at it, and pay a little extra, to pull it off.

  • JayHawkFanToo said:


    Do you think Zenger is trying to appease all the POd donors in Johnson County that want him gone and now that the football program is circling the drain and about to take him along he is looking for friends?

    Heh, we can hope. I do think that they simply weren’t getting the sub numbers they were hoping to get for the lowest tier KU hoops games.

  • Before I got Metro Sports/Spectrum, I just went Buffalo Wild Wings, ordered some wings, and watched the game. But I’m sure a small town doesn’t have that option, either. It’s just an absolutely stupid deal.

  • @HighEliteMajor Yeah I’d have a minimum 30 minute travel time to get to a bar with the game on. Thankfully I do generally get 38 in over the air. Last game it wasn’t coming in so I had to fire up PSVUE and a vpn.

    Hope this ability to deal locally spreads over local Kansas stations again like it USED TO BE.

  • @HighEliteMajor Amen to that! All of us that have cableone are screwed. The cities around us that have Cox Cable get all the games. We can barely pick up the game on the radio, as our local station does not carry them. Just defies logic why everyone in the State of Kansas can not watch EVERY game. Like all other things it probably comes down to friggin politics and money. SUCKS!!!

  • @Big-Clyde52 😞 Where are you at brother?

  • @BShark Southeast Kansas in Chanute.

  • Well I hope more local tv deals get worked out for you. People in Kansas shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to watch a KU game.

  • @BShark Exactly our feelings. We have quite a number of fans here that bleed Crimson and Blue. Hoping for the best and quickly.

  • I never understood why the entire state and KC Metro area was blacked out. Most smaller towns do not have a choice of cable providers and in the KC Metro area only TW and Comcast carry Metro Sports and the three other carriers, AT&T, Consolidated and Google, are left out; realistically, most people, even those not stuck in a contract, will not change providers for 6 games. Maybe they think AFH will not sell out which is utterly laughable.

    Whoever reviewed the contract probably never heard of the law of unintended consequences and in my opinion, the rules were just changed now that Zenger’s job is in jeopardy. This utter disregard for Kansans alone justifies firing Zenger.