• Why does ESPN feel the need of re-airing the Oklahoma KU game? - -Was it a battle of 2 top ten programs in a battle for the leauge title? -Is it a matter of seeing which one will get bumped out of the race for the National title game? - -Lots of qwuestions as to why they would want to show such a game such as this again.

    I think it’s ESPN - - just being ESPN. - being stupid. - -I think alot of it is that with what has taken place since Saturday they just want to keep stoking the fire, throw some more gaas on to the situation.

    The whole deal with Baker Mayfield and his antics - the KU Captains and such. - - IT’S OVER time to move on, they can’t let go of this crap and want to do anything to bring MAyfield’s name into conversation - - -AGAIN - - I don’t give a flying - -F- - - about Baker Mayfield, what’s the reasoning for replaying such a meaningless game?

    To show the Nation what an embarassment the KU football program is? - -The Nation already knows this. -To try and hype Mayfield more for the Heisman? - -Not likely going to happen. - - - Some of his actions off the field not to only say the some of hus antics ON the field are giving him big hits for the Heisman. - -I’ve heard multiple analysts and what they think about Mayfield and part of the consideration things that play a part of it and with what has happened with him in this year - -I would lay odds he ain’t making the Heisman. - Hell there are alot that don’t even think his chances in the NFL are that good - -alot to do with his height and such just not a typical caliber NFL QB.

    Anyways enough about someone I could give a flip about - Again WHY ESPN? - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 Same reason WWE is on TV. It’s bizarre, stupid, irrelevant and a waste of time. But it entertains. And people like to watch trainwrecks. Not everyone gets to watch KU implode week after week, year after year, decade after decade (you get the idea) so when non-Big 12 fans hear about this team in the midwest that is so incredibly inept - they can tune into the reruns and verify it for themselves.

  • I thought it was a great game. Too bad Heild had to lose. Gotta love how classy the crowd was giving him a standing ovation. Oh wait, you’re talking about a game no one in their right mind would want to revisit. KU football is a bad joke.

  • @nuleafjhawk Well ya - -guess you could be right about that. . Guess what though – this is the last week of the comedy - season over lol. I actually hate saying that about our Jayhawks I feel bad for the team, I just hope before I call it quits in life - -or better yet the man upstairs calls it quits for me - -I hope possibly I can get the chance to see a decent team on the field again.

    There have been some occasions all be it few but there have been some where you can see some pieces and I think Damn - we have got some quality players - I just hope to be able to see the complete team I’m going on 64.

    I long for the days of Nolan Cromwell - -Lavern Smith - -Billy Campfield - -Bruce Adams, OR Gilbert Brown - - Dana Stubblefield, those were the football Saturdays man ya know? - - Hell even Tuxedo Tony - -how I miss those days. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54

    The whole hoopla is because of Mayfield who is the leader for the Heisman Trophy and not KU which is mentioned only because it is where it happened. Again, readers are clicking on the stories because Mayfield and not KU who is now just a footnote, albeit an unfortunate one.

  • ESPN reairs most of the games they show on Saturday’s early in the morning or late at night because they have air time to fill. This is nothing new for them.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 And I think a few people on the West Coast and Hawaii might want to catch those games. (You know, all those fanatic KU football fans in Hilo.)

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