Thoughts on SDSU game

  • Kansas was a winner again tonight over the jackrabbits of SDSU 98-64, as Bill Self claims sole possession of second most wins in hawk history. The first half was in of the best offense preformances I’ve seen, 57 points, 64% shooting coupled with 0 turnovers. The biggest issue I see with the box score is rebounding(they won that battle by 9) some of that is long shot, long rebound but they only shot 28 3s. The last 3 halfs of basketball we have not got on the glass as well as we should. Breaking down what I saw from each player, Doke was solid, picked up some fouls while guarding more of a stretch 4. I’m a little disappointed in his 2 rebounds. I think we really miss a player like Billy that can score a lot different ways where as Doke will mostly be scoring from inside 6 foot of the hoop. He has to do better running the floor and doing his work early in the possession to be in a better spot to score but dude just played his 14th game and will grow a lot in the coming months. DTG is close to averaging a double double and set up his teammates well on a 11 assist night. He is playing well just needs the lid to come off the bucket for him and when it does he could be nasty. I think we could be a better team with him scoring less in the long run but I bet he averages 12-14 PPG before the seasons done. Svi was fire in this one, it all started with him being aggressive. We all know what he is capable of, he has to bring that to every game and it will not only make us a much better team but him a millionaire. Newman had a good first half, then kinda disappeared for much of the second, part of that probably had to do with the score. He seems have more trouble than the rest of the guards keeping his man in front of him but he too is a young fella with a lot of room to grow up this season. Vick was great, shot the ball well and had 7 rebounds. He’s probably gonna be he most athletic guy on the floor for much of the season good to see him filling up the stat sheet. Garrett played 30 minutes off the bench and for one reason Defense! Dude is way beyond just about every freshman I’ve seen on that end of the floor and filled the stat sheet with 7 boards, 4 assists and 4 steals. Didn’t score much but really had no reason too and I’ll say this, the two PGs we just signed better bring a lunch if they plan on playing ahead of him. Mitch played hard while blocking 4 shots but just isn’t strong enough yet to body with the bigs inside. I thought he passed up several open 17 footers which should be big in his game in stretching the floor, his improvement without Billy and De Sousa is huge if we plan on going anywhere in March. Clay was awesome for his first meaningful minutes and did all the little things right, Mitch had best get to work or Clay could steal his minutes by just playing smarter. Nice to see another Teahan draining a 3 in the Field house. All and all a good night still a little worried that will look as good as we are shooting on any particular night but shooting is a big part of the game no matter what. We still have a ways to go defensively and on the glass but it’s always nice to win big and still feel like we could play a whole lot better.

  • Is it possible the big guys are playing a bit soft to avoid fouls, hence fewer rebounds? Given that the big guys spent a lot of time on the bench in the first half, it had to impact rebounding.

    If Preston can return, those numbers should change (I would hope)…

  • @Gorilla72 that is very true, ether way I’m thinking Doke can be a 14 and 10 guy if he puts in the work.

  • Paragraphs please! Thanks for taking the time to write, but it’s hard for me to read!

  • Sorry I couldn’t be in game chat last night guys. I had a panic attack but I’m okay now.

  • Udoka Hudycising during the game:


    (Photo from LJW site)

  • I’ve been thinking about how to get Doke to shoot better from the free throw line, and I think I have it solved. Doke is shooting 90% from the field. Every basket he makes is contested every time. So, lets have a couple of our players double team him at the foul line.

  • @BShark I don’t do the chat because everybody else’s tv signal is about a minute faster than my internet stream. So, it spoils the surprise.

  • @kjayhawks Daum pulled Doke out of the paint chasing him all over the place, so I think he gets a pass for the low rebound totals in my books. Doke gets an A++++ on offense…some of his moves were really nice, quick agile moves. The up and under move was brilliant, he made a nice semi-hook with the left hand, and made several other back to the basket moves. He is gaining confidence every game, and the footwork is getting better and better.

    DG will find his shot, but until he does, 11 dimes are a-ok with me.

    I thought we saw a glimmer of why Newman is considered to be so good. That move that broke ankles to the basket was a work of art. I thought he played more relaxed- he had a pull up jumper in the lane that was sweeeeet ( in contrast to his heavily contested drives to the basket against 'Tucky). His outside shot looked a lot cleaner, confident, and relaxed. He is the guy that could really take over a game for us if need be, and I am feeling better about him after this game.

    Svi and Vick both played amazing. Now, I want to see consistency. Do it every game, guys. It’s right there for you.

    Garrett is just a defensive stud, man. Just like a blanket. 4 steals…4 assists… now, we have to teach him to be aggressive going to the basket- he is playing too timid on offense.

    For all the Lightfoot lovers, the 4 blocks bode well, along with the near 3 pointer shot. For those of us still hedging our bets, we also saw dumb, dumb fouls. This guy has to foul everytime he defends, it seems.

    Clay Young - Pat on the back for not screwing up too much. However, the next time someone rifles a pass to you at the basket, if you don’t shoot it, I’m going to kick your butt. Come on, man. Grow a pair. It’s a 3 foot shot. If it gets blocked, get it back, and go up with it again. Play to win. The goal is to score.

  • We score 98 points, and Graham plays 32 put only gets 8 points. Graham has the keys but isn’t revving the engine on the points front, and I don’t think he’ll be a prolific scorer for us this year (and that’s ok). I think he had even more of a scoring role with Frank by his side, not less, as it might have been presumed.

  • @KUSTEVE Or at least whack him in the head before he shoots the freebie.

    The Doke post moves had to have the NBA scouts wetting themselves. They were legit, and better and more diverse than the “poor man’s Larry Bird.” Daum did lay an egg however…

  • @wissox Your inner teacher led you to write that. I dub you …“The Paragraph Whisperer”…

  • @wissox it was a little late and wrote it a little fast sorry lol

  • @kjayhawks I read it fine. Thx for taking the time. Dr crims.

  • @KUSTEVE if only Wilt hadn’t rewritten the rule book, supposedly he would jump from the ft line on a miss and tip in his own shot, as long as the ball went in before he hit the ground, it counted. That my friends is one of many reasons why Wilt is the GOAT in my book. Jordan and Kareem are great but they didn’t change a handful of rules just to give others a chance.


    Spot on on Doke. He unveiled some shake and bake moves under the basket that I had not seen before; bides well for the future.

    About Lightfoot, when you go for the blocks sometimes you get the block and the rest is a foul; a couple of his fouls were pretty tricky tack and incidental contact that would normally not be called. Young did a great job defending Daum in the first half.

  • @Fightsongwriter

    I would not call 21 and 11 quite laying an egg. 😃

  • @KUSTEVE Lmao, you crazy lol – -umm it’s an idea - BUT don’t think the ref’s would let that happen lol. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • kjayhawks said:

    @wissox it was a little late and wrote it a little fast sorry lol

    I hesitated writing that. As @KUSTEVE pointed out, sometimes the teacher in me leaks out!

  • @wissox I thought it was funny. My mother has done that her whole life with pronunciation, spelling, paragraphs, and other grammatical mistakes, so I’m used to it.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Oh here we go again. Don’t you ever tired of being “that guy?”

    He was horrible in the first half, missed easy shots, missed free throws, got controlled by our walk on and generally played egg laying bad. His points were meaningless in the 2nd half after down 30. He laid a big egg. Quit being the annoying crtiquer and go watch the game again. Proof that stats can be meaningless. Young was nails…played great for who he is and what he was asked to do. I’m sure you will say he played badly because he did not have flashy stats. Daum choked. Most useless double double this season.

  • @Fightsongwriter

    Ok, let me get this straight, you can state your opinion and I cannot express mine? Got it. I guess that makes YOU “that guy.”

  • @JayHawkFanToo At the first quiver of movement, he jumps like a frog into the opposing player. Drives me crazy. He is so set on trying to block every shot, he falls for any ball fake. I just wish he would keep his feet planted, and stay in front of the guy. I’ll bet you 90% of his fouls are commited by missed blocked shots.

  • @KUSTEVE You talking about Lighfoot I presume?

  • @KUSTEVE agreed he is hopping about like a berserk bunny. I don’t remember him doing that to this degree last year. It makes me think he is trying so hard to be great it’s taking away his ability to be good. If he would just play straight up D the silly fouls would go away and the blocks would come.

  • @HighEliteMajor Yes sir. He drives me nuts because he leaves his feet every play.


    Yes he does jump mostly straight up but he would be better off getting in position to draw a charge.

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