Champions Classic Thoughts

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    The Spartans look like a team this is going to lose a few more games this season. What’s new? I can never figure out why the Spartas are always ranked so high to begin the season? Yet they always shock the world when the lose a few games. They had Duke and they just didn’t close. I figure this won’t be the last. They seem a bit challenged on offense.

    I have to say Duke looked good. They looked flashy, and showed they can grind. Duke may flirt with history this year? Undefeated? I wonder if Duke goes undefeated if the naysayers will say they played in a weak conference? Also starting to wander if Coach K doesn’t teach his players how to be dirty. That Duke elbow that leveled that poor Spartan was just not right. Kid should have been thrown from the game. I’m really starting to think Coach K teaches how to play dirty and not get caught.

    Kentucky is going to take some lumps this year. Yes they have some serious talent, yet they lack some serious skill. Let’s be honest here? With KU’s shooting woes from the outside. Kentucky should’ve blown out KU. This Wildcat team lacks some serious leadership. Not something I think that can be fixed overnight. Maybe by tournament time? Maybe? Either way Coach Cal has his work cut out for him. I will say this young Kentucky team are gamers. However at the end of the day if you can’t close out the game it doesn’t matter. Kentucky is going to play to many close games, and without skill/leadership. There going to lose some games.

    KU has me feeling a mixed bag of emotions. Love a win and especially love a win over UK. However this Preston thing is starting to become a serious distraction. The loss of Preston could make or break this team. KU appears to me as some of those Villinova teams that were guard heavy. If the shots are falling tough to beat. If the shots don’t? Well a lot of KU fans will be sweating bullets. After UDoka’s extreme I’m the man showing. Look for Coach to tap into a one man wrecking machine in the post. Also I’m afraid after what UDoka showed against UK’s big man OAD machine? He just rose in all draft boards. If he can find peace with the free throw line. He’s gone. I mean this is his last year wearing a Jayhawks uni.

  • " The loss of Preston could make or break this team. "

    Here’s what I know about Billy Preston. He had some SERIOUS hair and a few big songs in the 70’s. That’s pretty much it. As for the current Billy Preston - I’m going to wait and see how he looks if he ever does actually get on the court. I’m starting to feel now like I’d just as soon he disappear and let the current team find it’s own groove. If he’s going to be an on-again, off-again trouble maker or constant distraction - we are better off without him. We’ve done ok so far.

  • Billy’s current situation was caused from Billy driving into a curb and damaging a tire.

    Not sure what he is driving, but his auto raised a red flag with compliance. Self has sent the message for us to not worry about it, so I don’t worry about it.

    Actually, Billy is showing some maturity by not being drawn into making this a bigger thing than it already is. Self has stated his pride for Billy in recent days… let’s just play off of that.

  • @DoubleDD

    I thought MSU looked EXTREMELY SLOW!

    Izzo recruited a team full of bruisers. But where is the speed?

    I’m usually hopeful we don’t play MSU in March, but I like our chances this year.

    Because of their slowness on the court, I think it sort of diminished the fine performance from Duke. Let’s see what Duke does against speed.

  • I thought Bridges was too passive in the first half against Duke. You saw the urgency in the 2nd half but he was largely quiet in the first. Greyson Allen beating Michigan St reminded me of how Denzel Valentine beat KU a few years ago. They just couldn’t overcome 1 player’s game