Kansas targets 7'6" PG recruit OK Oakville!

  • Kansas Buckets is now recruiting an All-American 7’6" point guard from Oakville, MO (a suburb of St. Louis) by the name of OK Oakville.

    The recruitment process has begun with a simple list asking the question “why?”


    1. Just read this list… we can’t match his wit, even as a group!

    2. Because so many of us are so lacking in guidance… we couldn’t find our way out of a four-door outhouse!

    3. Because his message has the power of Boobs! “It can make a 6-month old baby and an old man act the same way.”

    4. To loosen up some of us keeerusty old board rats, that’s why. Sometimes these comments are tightern’ a rusty lug nut on an old Ford pickup.

    5. Cause for cryin’ out loud, a PG that’s tall enough to c**p in the back of a pick up truck? Even Smart will flop over & bare his throat!

    6. Come on… our floor is oak, our furniture is oak… what more can we do to show our support!

  • We need OK Oakville’s spectacular basketball leadership because the entire game of basketball (all over the world) is in decline.

  • @drgnslayr second that. I for one believe that those who can should benefit those who need regardless of platforms. Hope to see you here OAK.

  • For those who have never seen Oakville’s game, here are some videos…

    Wichita State started recruiting him at age 2 1/2, so we have some catching up to do. They even brought him to Wichita for one of his official recruiting visits:

    Here is a current highlight reel of Oakville:

    BTW: Please bring the rest of your team with you!

  • Oak has always been a go-to guy. Not a flashy, volume type scorer, but more the “bring the lunch bucket to work” kind of guy. It’s unfortunate that his talents have been wasted at kusports.com here for a few months. If he ended up agreeing to come to kubuckets.com, I’m quite sure that he’d move immediately into the starting lineup. Talent like that demands p.t.

  • @drgnslayr-Why do we need Oakville? Cause for cryin’ out loud, a PG that’s tall enough to c**p in the back of a pick up truck? Even Smart will flop over & bare his throat!

  • I’ve always been impressed with Oak’s ability to sky above the competition! Imagine a back court with Oak at point and Jaybate at the 2? The pair would become a natural, and would be excellent at feeding Ralster on the wing, or global in the post!

    Coach HEM would have these guys playing all the way through March… bringing home the hardware to Lawrence once again!

  • @drgnslayr If you guys really want Oakville here, leave it up to me.

    Oakville: You are not wanted or needed here. Please stay away. You are not witty or fun. If you DO come here, you will be the only poster who is required to sign on through Facebook and you will have to answer 27 Google questions before you are allowed to read any article.

    There - that should do it. Everybody always does the opposite of what I tell them.

    Oakville will be here soon - let the fun begin.

  • Oakville we will put you on the Mt. Rushmore of KU basketball, Phog, Wilt, Danny, Roy, Bill, Mario, and Oakville. I know that’s more than a normal Mt. Rushmore, but we can carve out some more space.

  • @wissoxfan83

    That’s it! We’ll guarantee his jersey is retired in the rafters of AFH!

    So how about it, Oak? Your name immortalized and right beside Danny Manning’s… You will have a heavenly award awaiting you… eternity with the forefathers of basketball… you will be able to keep them laughing with comical lists!


  • Come on Oakville, even a random poster like myself wants you back. KU Buckets just isn’t complete without your oddities, I need more funny talking points, so I can steal them, claim them as my own and sound way more interesting than I am at the water cooler

  • This post is deleted!

  • Alright OakvilleJHawk, here it is.

    After the facebook fiasco, our fanatic Jayhawk fanbase from kusports felt betrayed by the corporations we supported in essence because of the perceived & continual google harassment /subsequent sharing of personal data. Not to say it wasn’t going on prior to that, but there is no shortage of unethical or criminal IT abusement so our concerns are simple. Why should we potentially enable that process with access to information available on a public social networking forum?

    There are many devoted Jayhawk fans that donated countless hours & skills to make this board be a place where we can share as much or little as we like, exchange ideas on x’s & o’s, and have civil discussions on whatever we wish to within the boundaries of respect. We have secure identities, and someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but to my knowledge, we have ZERO trolls. Some old farts like me ramble sometimes, but others never hammer us for it. They just read what they wish & let it go without putting us down. I’ll also freely admit I’m beginning to age a little more & spend more hours reading these days than a few years back, but kubuckets is clearly what our united efforts have evolved it to become. We truly enjoy a unique, productive, & friendly place to share our passions for all things about the University of Kansas.

    Our community has assembled most of the insightful, clever, & sincere contributors/fans from the old board, plus is still growing daily to include KU alums from all over the planet. Hey, just because you’re in misery, it doesn’t mean you’re on Mars. As many of us have fessed up here at buckets, we’ve heritage in misery, relatives in misery, were born in misery, even admitted to enjoying things there at times. LOL Hell, even if you from Mars Oak, that’s OK with the guys & gals here, some of us are “out there” further than that probably! You can see the from the memberships, comments, & contributors, that we pretty much have found & secured what we wanted here. And we all can enjoy great inside journalism from Jesse Newell, HEM, slayr, approx., Lulu, Nuleaf, Ralster, Blown, bskeet, Jaybate, brooksmd, JayhawkfanToo, and all the other differentiating & poignant posts they share, without going “foursquare” or potentially divulging info that which could possibly used for the wrong intent. Sure, some of us will spar, but competition makes us better. One of my favorite John Wooden quotes is, “Whatever you do in life, surround yourself with smart people who argue with you.”

    Oak, I’ll lay it out-we just miss seeing your brilliant & artful “Oakville oddities” & “random thoughts” on a daily basis. Plus we need a man on the ground when the guys play in your neck of the woods like at Kiel or the dome, & there’s none better for that recon mission than you. Think about it bud, you really could help this superior site become exceedingly more successful for our dedicated fans with your sophisticated & acculturate wisdoms & wit. Regardless & as always JMHO & Godspeed.

  • @globaljaybird Actually Mars ain’t dat fer way. Dey built a new plant o’er yonder in Topeka. My nepew works dere.

  • @drgnslayr AND for Oakville, those of us who are walk-ons, who read every day, but seldom see posting time except during mop-ups against inferior opponents , promise to give you our enthusiastic support from the bench.

  • @brooksmd-+1

  • @HighEliteMajor -

    Have you recruited this dynamic prospect yet (by posting this link at KUSports)?

    It seems we would at least get a tweet response…

  • @drgnslayr I was thinking the same thing. Won’t do much good to post this here if he doesn’t at least lurk on this board. Need for someone to put a link over on that other site.

  • They may not be in the same class as Oakville, but as long as you’re trying to get old posters back on the board, I think you ought to shoot for AlohaHawk and BayAreaHawk too. I don’t remember seeing any posts by them since the move to KU Buckets and I always thought they added intelligent opinions to the discussion.

  • @oldhwkfan

    Also great recruiting prospects! If anyone can contact them, please do! I’ve been booted from KUSports so I don’t have access any longer.

  • This goes out to Approx…

    Are you planning any SEO work for this site? I don’t know if it is a good idea or not to be very visible to the public… it will attract trolls and antler varmints… however, it would also pick up some new Jayhawk fans.

    I’m sort of mixed about it. We have an awesome fan base in here now… very good conversations!

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