The Man That Raised Me Passed Away Today

  • Posting about this has been very cathartic for me so far so I figured I’d make a thread here too.

  • @BShark I cannot imagine it, sir, yet… My dad is 84, and lately has been full of phrases like “could go anytime” or “I’m in the red zone of life”, and wants to go over his will for the 6th time in the last 10yrs. Of course all that gives me serious pause to consider just about everything. All the years. All what he taught me. How will I be at his age? He’s still teaching 1 college class now, since many guys love their “routines”, but doesnt have to stand lecturing all day. Goes to the office, does his thing. And tells me the same stories he has been for the last few years. It’s life. Both its richness and its finite nature.

    My condolences to you and family. We’re all with you.

  • @BShark Whoa, and after I posted that, I just remembered that my grandfather passed away at 84…so perhaps being “84” now himself is truly most poignant for my dad. Gosh, it just occurred to me.

  • @BShark @JayhawkerRedLegs with you guys. My dad is having some tough times right now too. Motivates me to put my all into everything I do, only distraction I’ve got.

    @BShark I’m sorry man.

  • @BShark So sorry to hear, times such as these it’s hard to find the right things to say. - - All one can do is offer the deepest sympathy , - I know it sucks, only time can/will heal - nothing anyone can say or do. We as individuals appreciate others words during times such as these - the I’m sorry I know how your feeling/ what your going through - but the thing is that unless people have been through it - -then they have no idea. - -Just head up bud - -try to stay strong - -remember the good times.

    They may be gone physically - but never be gone from the heart - those are times that stays with us forever.- -The old saying " Gone but not forgotten" - - just remember don’t mourn the loss - -celebrate the life. - - Lean on father our rock in times such as these -our rock anytime - -let him help you through. - -take time to heal - -we need you here to help us with the boys - ( Jayhawks ). - you just take care of yourself.

    Your input here is awesome - - and I always look forward to what you have to share. - -Head up buddy & GOD Bless - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 that was really nice!

  • @BShark sorry to hear, prayers to you and your family. Hopefully the hawks can spank yet another group of tigers tonight to help you feel better.

  • Sorry for loss, BShark. Losing someone near and dear is hard. My condolences…🙏

  • @BShark

    So sorry about your loss. We all have a biological father and the man that raised us, one is just that, your biological father but the other one is your dad and they are not always the same person. Sound like you lost your dad, a huge loss any way you see it.

  • My wife (age 79) reminds me (age 75) everyday that we are in our “Golden Years.”
    I say (with my Demetia) ya … Right !

  • Thanks to everyone. Too many to @ mention you all. 🙂

  • @BShark Condolences, BShark.

  • @BShark

    Mine never feels dead.

    He’s just not within range of asking him what he thinks Self will do next, or how will the Marines handle this next assignment, or what the hell is it with the politicians in DC, or how the hell do you get that first shot off so quick and accurate when the quail flush during the point, or tell me about Allen again, or how did Grammie Jaybate 1.0 feed those hobos so many years in the Depression, or how the hell did that bass grow that much since the last retelling?

    I hope yours stays alive in you the way mine does in me. It was a privilege to have known mine, and walked in his shadow for along time, and it’s been a privilege to have carried him in me since. Mine was in a lot of pain his last two years. I was greatful for god taking him and letting me carry him pain free after all he did for me. I hope it works out that way for you.

    Yes, I cried hard when they came and blew taps for him and gave me the flag. But damn I had ridden on his shoulders through that graveyard. And he had told me one day I would carry him. And so I have.

    All good despite the sting.

    Rock Chalk!

  • Sorry for your loss. I pray you will be filled with comforting good memories of your dad in weeks to come.