• Hey, if they are only going to suspend Sexton 1 game for taking payola, let’s buy the top players, and schedule a cupcake our first game. We can offer stupid gimme online classes just like UNCheat as well. THIS chaps my arse:


    Dirty, rotten corrupt NCAA.

  • How much money did Sexton receive out of this deal from Auburn coaches? This is basically the same situation KU dealt with when Selby committed here, except Selby was suspended 1st semester. Paid by a school, then committed elsewhere. Bruce Pearl really should stopp trying to pay players because thise top guys don’t seem to stick with Pearl.

  • @KUSTEVE Arse you say - - -Arse ? - - lol spot on Ol Boy, I must say it’s time for a spot of tea. - -Seriously I believe if I remember it like 10,000 with Sexton wasn’t it? - -I couldn’t swear to that but for some reason seems to be what it was. - - I agree- - ONE game? - -that’s almost making a mockery of the situation - - if they are looking to punish for any wrong doings shouldn’t matter if it’s one dollar OR 100,000 dollars. - -If it’s wrong then it’s wrong it’s wrong it’s wrong as wrong can be I mean JUMPIN - - - GEE - - - HOSSA - --FATS. seriously? - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • this is the unexpected expected rogue NCAA at its best! making no sense at all is what they do.

  • Yeah, but hasnt paying players in some fashion been going on by (some) schools for 50-60+ years? Of course its not right, but I got better things to worry about than some dirt poor kid getting a few thousand $, and the odds still against him for making the NBA, etc…At least a step in the right direction is the whole stipend discussion, something tangible. Sanction something tangible, so players may possibly be less likely to fall into the illegal $ enticement.

  • @jayballer54 +100 on the JoshJackson avatar. Best freshman Self has ever had, anywhere, period!

  • We all know guys get paid, as long as corporate America stays outta it the FBI don’t care and the NCAA seems to only care if its obvious. I just get tired of the inconsistency of the penalties, Selby supposedly had a few thousand given to him for a limo, hotel room and tux for prom. He had to sit the first 9 games I believe in the first semester while this kid gets basically nothing.

  • @kjayhawks nail on head about the aggravating inconsistencies in penalties.

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