3 UCLA players arrested in China

  • @3genhawk

    I guess the Ball merchandise is not selling?

    Pretty embarrassing situation for UCLA and by extension our country since they are there representing American College basketball.

  • Oh I bet Daddy Ball NOT gonna be happy - -I’m sure there had to be some mis understanding lol - -Not daddy Balls boy - -LiAngelo - -oh well it’s not as bad he is the least talented of the Ball’s or so they say

    Damm Cody Riley & Jalen Hall - -not good look for UCLA shop lifting man. - -SAY IT ISN’T SO DADDY BALL. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Big trouble in China…

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  • Neural nets not fully connected till 23.

    LARPing off the net.

    Glad it wasn’t Singapore.

    Caning hurts.

    But what an irony if they were to get hard time in a PRC prison making petrobasketballshoes?!!!

  • Can’t wait to watch Locked Up Abroad on these three clowns.

  • These three are being left behind when the team returns home Saturday. Being said they will probably have to be there for a month. - -Will be confined to the hotel until the Government decides what they want to do about the charge.

    UCLA has been quiet about the situation because they have retained Council and have been told to stay quiet as to not to antagonize the Government. - -Daddy Ball had been planning to make a comment but was convinced to remain quiet.

    The REAL question is, what’s going to happen by School officials when they DO return - -said they have been known to come down pretty hard of these types of things at times. -See what this got those kids - -ALL over some sun glasses holy crap. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Guys making idiotic decisions that will have a huge affect on them. It’s likely all three will be banned from traveling to China in the future, plus whatever criminal penalties China lays out, and whatever penalties UCLA gives out. Probably will cost all three a significant part of their freshman year, if not the entire year by the time everything plays out.

    Just an amazingly stupid thing to do.

  • @justanotherfan Ya you know some of those foreign Govt’s can get pretty nasty - -but they knew what the hell they were doing when they done it. - -what’s that old saying? - -if you can’t do the time - don’t do the crime – ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Dam just read of zagsblog - - - - saying that these 3 UCLA players MAY get off lucky. - -They could get 3-10 years for shop lifting - I told you some of these foreign countries ain’t no joke. - -BUT their case may be handled differently more likely then not no 3-10 sentence because of President Trump coming into China today. WTF lol.

    The thing that rubs me the wrong way a little bit with this and just reaffirms about this guy " Daddy Ball " -said " he was waiting to find out more before he comments" - -saying his son will be fine, but this right here he says " Everybody making a big deal out of this - -not that big of deal "

    That to me just blows. - -I understand shop lifting is a minor thing - - BUT is it - -or is it not still a crime? - -was it something that was against the law or what? - - This is a crime NO MATTER where you are. - -When he makes statements like that it’s almost like he is giving his boy his stamp of approval that it’s ok for him to do these kinds of things - -ya shop lifting today - -what tomorrow - -next week - -next month - next year? - - A Crime is a Crime - -is a Crime - -is a Crime - -I don’t give a rats as how big or small - -YOU GOT CAUGHT PERIOD. -These guys when they travel Abroad are representing the United States as well as their school - Is that what they want? - - Are you fricken kidding me? - You feel the need where you have to steal SUN GLASSES? - - -sun glasses - -really? - -SERIOUSLY? - -come on dam.

    And yet Daddy Ball justifying it - -sounds about right - or coming across that way - there is no justification for this - - you stole PERIOD - -now face the consequences. - -they are lucky they aren’t in on of the foreign countries where if you get caught stealing - -they cut your hand off - -wonder how they would feel about that? Damm - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • They’re lucky they didn’t shoplift in Saudi Arabia or they’d become the Jim Abbott’s of basketball.

  • Seriously how stupid and juvenile can you be??? I get they are juveniles but still. Especially for Ball like your brother is in the NBA and you gotta steal something? That whole family is a bunch of clowns.

  • They are on their way back to LA, the word on the street is that President Trump intervened and helped in their release.

  • @AsadZ yep that no good Racist sob lol

  • All charges dropped even though overwhelming evidence against them? - -What the hell? - -able to go to the airport without escort - -no deportation it says like is a normal - - -What the hell?

    Hey I’m American glad to see them come back - -they could of been in a huge world of donkey doo - BUT they should of had something charged They stole PERIOD - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY