Compare THIS to KU-MU!

  • After the Border War for charity was announced, a lot of schools did the same thing. Our exhibition sold out the Sprint Center at prices from, I believe, $25 to $200, plus had @ 20,000 PPV customers at $40 per. Raised a bit over $2 million for the 5 charities.

    South Carolina and Virginia Tech received a similar exemption for charity. Tickets were $10, no PPV. 3,500 fans attended.

    And THAT is why the notoriety of the Border War lent itself to the huge fundraising success–just any ol’ exhibition against any ol’ Div 1 school wouldn’t raise the same passion. WSU? Maybe, but KC was uniquely positioned to host the War and attract fans equally from both schools. No comparably large venue would exist for KU-WSU.

    All in all, a massive success.

  • @mayjay

    It is amazing what Americans can do, when they work together for causes they believe in. I suppose this is why our reputed oligarchy, its reputedly controlled MSM media, and its two reputedly controlled major political parties appear to have to work so hard at dividing us with identity politics. We would have most of the problems they create fixed, and the costs they shift onto us shifted back onto them, and push them away from the government hog trough in about a month, if we were ever not being actively divided with wedge issues and intimidated with orchestrated terror and mass casualty events.

    I hope at least a modest share of this money makes it to those in need.

    If this means of fund raising is as successful, as it appears, it will quickly become a target for corruption. I hope the planners have anticipated this.

    Still, it reminds Americans what CAN be done. And though I would have much preferred Self and adidas and KU and KU fans simply writing checks, so as to avoid reengagement with Fizzourah, and to avoid creating a new cottage fund raising industry that will soon become targeted for abuse, IT DOES MY HEART GOOD TO SEE AMERICANS TRYING TO HELP AMERICANS!

    Rock Chalk!!!

  • @mayjay

    KU could have played WSU at the Sprint Center and WSU would have sold out its ticket allowance faster than MU. Unless you are familiar with today’s Wichita or have friends there, you really cannot comprehend the enthusiasms of the current WSU fan base. Wichita is basketball crazy about the Shockers and it bought them an invite to a bigger conference, even when they do not even have a football program. Marshall is one of the top 6-7 top paid coaches.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Have to agree. - -I lived in Wichita and the surround out lying area for 19 years, I know all about their fan base and Henry Levitt - -the roundhouse. - -Your right they are really avid about their Shockers. - -I was there - well not as a fan - -but I was in the community with good ol Gene Smithson & son when Randy was playing and Livingston & Carr - -they have always been very supportive of the Shockers - well there were a few down years but overall.

    I wonder how it would of went over if we ( KU ) - would have played Wichita at the Arena they have in down town? - - Not sure what Capacity is there -do know they are holding 1st round NCAA’S there this season. Just curious if we had worked the same thing tickets 50/50 split and the ppv ? - -I know that thing would of sold out in a heart beat just like KU/MU did not even a question about that - -just curious. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • It’s crazy how KU sells out every where they go. If you look at attendence records for the Big 12 over the last decade you can tell when KU is in town. Many schools only have one home sell out per season. KU even sells out rival arenas. Crazy.

    You can remove MU from that game and it still makes money, but you can’t remove KU.

  • JayHawkFanToo said:


    KU could have played WSU at the Sprint Center and WSU would have sold out its ticket allowance faster than MU. Unless you are familiar with today’s Wichita or have friends there, you really cannot comprehend the enthusiasms of the current WSU fan base. Wichita is basketball crazy about the Shockers and it bought them an invite to a bigger conference, even when they do not even have a football program. Marshall is one of the top 6-7 top paid coaches.


    I have had just about enough talk about WSU fan enthusiasms on this KU basketball web site. You can do better than this!

    Should @approxinfinity create a separate WSU FAN ENTHUSIASMS page, so that all we KU Basketball fans can come here without having to read about WSU, Sign Board Forehead and WSU FAN ENTHUSIASMS!!!

    Just having a little fun here between murder events.

    But it really would be ok with me, if we create a separate WSU FAN ENTHUSIASM page, so I never have to read about them. And I would promise NOT to visit it and ask why this sort of thing is being discussed on a KU Basketball web site!

    Yeeeeeee Hawwww! It’s time for some KU HOOPS!

  • @jaybate-1.0

    Buffer 1

  • @jaybate-1.0 Marsha raised approximately 80,000 and attendance was approximately 5,345.👏👏👏

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Have you (or anyone else) heard any numbers on what percentage of the money raised (by KU, or WSU) was supposed to get to the Texas flood victims, after overhead costs, vs. what percentage has actually gotten to them?

  • The desire to minimize the Border War is interesting. Tickets sold out almost immediately. So I’m not sure WSU would have sold theirs out faster than MU. KCTV said MU sold theirs out in 2 minutes. KC Star said 16 minutes. Whatever. Really almost immediately.

    What’s interesting is the arguments that WSU would sell out (on both ends), I guess, would mean in this alternative reality of logic that we shouldn’t play WSU? That there is no interest in playing WSU?

    Let’s play WSU. Every year. Home and Home. I can do without the University of Texas El Chapo, or whatever.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    I was simply pointing out that there are other teams that would sellout as fast as MU but not that many; WSU would and so would several of the blue bloods but I am not sure they would want to play KU there. KU sells out AFH every time but not necessarily the Sprint Center. KU played the Canadian National Team a couple of years back at the Sprint Center and the place was not close to being sold out; the entire upper section was closed since those seats were not sold. Last season’s game against UAB drew only 10,000 and the next day against Georgia only 12,000, later in December the game against Davidson (remember 2008?) drew a over 17,000 but it still was not sold out.

    Keep in mind that when KU plays regular games at the Sprint Center, it makes considerably less money than playing at AFH. Coach Self has indicated that he likes to play a couple of games a year there, just for the KC area fans but he prefers playing in Lawrence in front of the local crowd and with a much larger financial benefit.

    If you heard Coach Self, KU might play MU as part of the Big 12-SEC series or at the NCAA but not as a regular series.

  • KU refused to play MU in any sport for 5 years. No wonder the KU-MU charity game sparked incredible interest.

    KU refuses to play WSU in basketball. No wonder WSU fans would jump on tickets if there was a one time event.

    There would not be the same level of interest for an every-year occurence.

    Think of it as the Olympics effect. Have the summer Olympics every year and the impact would not be the same.

    Yes there would be interest, maybe great interest, but please don’t suppose there would be the same level of interest as for a purported one time event.

    By the way, in the recent Lawrence article, Self specifically mentioned donors to KU athletics as not wanting to play MU. Money talks.

  • @ParisHawk

    You are correct. An ongoing series would not be nearly as appealing as a one of a kind game. The last few years it would have been one sided games and MU would not have sold out its own arena and might have actually begged out of the series, much like WSU did many moon ago.

  • Crimsonorblue22 said:

    @jaybate-1.0 Marsha raised approximately 80,000 and attendance was approximately 5,345.👏👏👏

    And exactly who did they scrimmage? - -Guarntee if it would of been KU/WSU be ALOT more then that. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @ParisHawk Well – Whew anyways glad to know your wasn’t talking about me on this subject and making a KU/WSU an yearly event. - Cause what I was talking abut when I was talking about WSU was just a one time event like KU did with Mizzery kind of a charity -NOT every year. - -In this ONE time charity - you can take it to the bank you split the tickets to the fans 50/50 like KU/MU - - WSU would sell out just as fast as MU in a heart beat. - -I’d love to see it. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 Newman

  • @HighEliteMajor

    I still say the way to raise serious change for helping the flood victims is to play Fizzourah only if they promise to give ALL meth proceeds to the cause!

  • @HighEliteMajor

    “University of Texas El Chapo, or whatever”


  • @HighEliteMajor

    I would also add the offer that we would play them every season in ColDUMBia, if the state of Fizzourah leaves the USA, and then welch and never play them again!

  • Enough said! Rock Chalk 0_1510102961153_a1.JPG


  • @jaybate-1.0 lol I just read your WSU enthusiasms post. 🙄

  • @RockChalkinTexas

    Decourcy just rose sharply in my estimation. He gets the sunlight for the Saturday games. This separates those that make their livings at basketball from those with heart and love the greatest game ever invented.

    I want to make this clear. This is the key formula of KU basketball. This and knowing our daddy is what holds it together. This is why Jayhawk Nation is like no other nation. This is the heart of the living myth. This is why AMAZING THINGS HAPPEN IN THIS BUILDING.


    Here is a formula.

    BC = AS|AFH




    “|” is ON THE CONDITION OF, and


    Its the light.

    Once you see it, you are changed forever. You are locked into a higher basketball consciousness. Something way deep.

    Its like when earth moon and sun align in Kubrick’s 2001.

    Its a miracle and a mystery that it happens.

    But in the winter, and very early spring, it happens every season.

    And those that still have souls and that experience it know now and forever are intersecting there and a game is taking place. It is different than all the night games. It is different than any day game played to early, or too late. It is different than ANYTHING.

    It is a sacred place. Period.

    I have visited a number of sacred places and they all manifest the same way. You walk in and you first think what’s the big deal? Its interesting. But it doesn’t seem different from other’s you’ve seen. You walk in the Pantheon. Its dome. It betrays a hint of perfection. But still you’ve been in a bunch of domes. And then boom! If you are there at the right time and the sun comes in at just the right angle and you are taken to another realm, another place, out of time, really. Sunset, Meteor Crater, Arizona. Sunset with a train rolling through on a trellis by where the Chumash spirits soar, Gaviota Beach, California. Dawn, Chaco Canyon, New Mexico. Sunset, Yosemite, California. Dawn, western edge, Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah.

    There ARE sacred places where light interacts with nature and/or the things humans build. I know it. I have been to them. They have spoken to me. Allen Field House on a winter Saturday when the light comes in at an angle is the first one I ever experienced, and I was so young I did not realize how special it was until I went to college at KU and attended games and saw the light and had read a book on sacred places. Boom! it wasn’t listed in the book, but it was one for sure.

    Bill Self knows the light.

    Roy knew the light.

    I believe every coach that has coached in the field house has known the light.


  • @jaybate-1.0 Mauna Kea at sunset up behind an observatory out of the wind needs to be on your list if you can make it happen. Last thing you see before it all fades to black is the top of Mauna Loa across the valley. That might, just might, beat out the Field House but it would be a close race.

  • @Kubie

    Been there. Good add. Oversight on my part. Failing memory. I’ve got a lot more that I can recall, but didn’t want to go on…yet. But I am grateful to you for the add. It would actually be in my top two astronomical sites for more going on than just astronomy. Kit Peak Arizona would be the other. Thanks for weighing in.

  • On the beach on the west side of Florida at sunset.


    Ooooh, yes.

    Also, St. Kitts at Sunset at the narrowest part of the island. Atlantic ocean on one side. Caribbean on the other. A very narrow stretch of the island, where you can quickly walk from the Atlantic to the Caribbean and back and feel the difference in the waves and the temperature.

  • Here are a couple you might like…



  • A gently waving wheat field in western KS during a perfect spring day is pretty alright too.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    Incredible images. Thx.

  • @dylans

    Yeah, the Great Plains can be awesome.

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