Everyone, check this article out on ESPN about Embiid

  • Joel Embiid is more than the NBA’s best follow

    This article was a great read. Lots of really cool info about our Jayhawk, Joel Embiid.

    One of my favorite things in this article is about how he has such a big heart and truly cares for the people of his home country.

    Also, how he isnt materialistic at all! He just got PAID and he didnt buy a 20 million dollar home or a 500k sports car. He doesnt even drive! All he needs is video games and “a big ass TV.”

    Favorite NBA player.

    Rock Chalk JoJo!

  • embiid is the anti-wiggins

  • @elpoyo So, are you saying that Wigs was a fake? I wouldn’t think you would label anyone a fake considering your circumstances and all.You know, the old throwing rocks in glass houses might come to mind.

  • I can kind of see the anti-wiggins statement. Embiid was a joy, Wiggins was kind of a bore. Maybe it’s no fault of his own, different personalities and all, but Wiggins kind of protected the merchandise. Joel got himself hurt because he wasn’t protecting the merchandise. I can’t criticize either though as they were teenagers carrying the weight of Jayhawk nation on their considerable shoulders. I was so immature as a college freshman I would’ve wilted under that kind of pressure.

  • Banned


    Why the hate of Wiggs. Let’s say your right that Wiggs didn’t lay it all on the line as you and some others of said in the past.

    Is that his fault? Think about this for a second. You’re guaranteed to be one of the highest paid NBA players. All you have to do is not get hurt. Would you risk it? Would you risk being set for life and a life of wealth. I life that will open doors that the average person will never get. Would you risk it. Would risk all that so some old KU and some new KU fans can sit around the bar and computers and talk the time Wiggs led KU to a NC?

    Yea it sucks as KU fans, as maybe we didn’t get to see the best of what Wiggs had to offer. Yet don’t blame the kid. Blame the system. Most of these OAD’s have no desire to play the college game. They only do because the system says they have to.

    Even HC new this when he told Embid to go. Think about that? Embid wanted to stay and Coach said no you go while the iron is hot. As usually Coach was right.

  • He’s just a bitter person that gets his enjoyment out of attempting to rile up KU fans. My guess @elpoyo is a Missouri or KSU grad.

  • @BShark Alum? Maybe. Might have attended a semester or two. Grad? Doubt it. Even those schools have standards.