Who you got in the World Series?

  • I generally cheer against California teams. They’ve got great weather, great scenery, so they don’t really need to have great teams, right? But I do kind of like this Dodger team. Could be that they beat the Cubs for me. They’ve got Redbeard and the amazing Kershaw. Puig seems to have rejuvenated his career. He’s an amazing talent but I can do without the showboating which is his middle name.

    The Astros of course have never won the thing so they’re due. The city’s had a difficult year with Harvey and they’re a blast to watch. Altuve is probably the funnest player to watch in all of MLB these days. He just hits and hits and hits. Got amazing pop for a 5’5" guy. Be interesting to know how many other short guys hit for power like that?

    The Astros are young and figure to be around for a while but the Dodgers are aging and probably don’t have many chances left to win a trophy.

    So I’m going with the Dodgers, although I think the Astros can win the thing.

  • The Dodgers were amazing early. They’re my pick, but I’ve got no skin in the game. 🙂

  • Let’s see. I always try to figure out which area needs a boost more after some major issue. Here, two possibilities relatively even:

    Astros, so Texas gets uplift from despair from hurricane, or Dodgers, so California gets uplift from despairs of wildfire.

    Seems even.

    However, this year I go with Astros, because Hollywood deserves no uplift from Weinstein.

  • @wissox What is baseball???
    Just kidding, Houston would be a better story.

  • This game tonight is everything you should love about baseball.

    dave armstrong voice WOW!

  • Dodgers all the way.

    I’m a Royals fan from childhood.

    And as an adult went to a slug of Bums games.

    Love the Bums.

    Wearing a Dodger cap as I type.

  • We lived in Houston for about 9 years and loved the Astros! One of my favorite guys was the beer vendor - “Coldest foam in he 'Dome…”. Great times. Rooting for them for old time’s sakes. Go 'Stros!

  • BShark said:

    This game tonight is everything you should love about baseball.

    dave armstrong voice WOW!

    So last night turns out to be the one night in October that I go to bed early b/c I could barely see straight after a verrry long day. Tied 1-1, I figured it might be an exciting pitchers’ duel, maybe a dramatic finish, but something had to give and it was me.

    And then I wake up to see that I missed 6 more home runs and the final 6 innings of what is being called the best game 2 in history. Oh, well! Glad for anyone who saw it!

  • BShark said:

    This game tonight is everything you should love about baseball.

    dave armstrong voice WOW!

    Wrong. A game requiring over 4 hours to complete isn’t what we should love about baseball. The Dodgers used 9, that’s the number after 8 for goodness sakes, 9 pitchers. The stupid manager takes his starter out after 4 innings! He’d given up one measly run. Then it’s a long parade of pitching changes. I know it was an extra innings affair, but still, 9 innings took like 3:30 to play. Too freaking long.

    @mayjay Greatest game two in history. I get irked when people make such proclamations! Have they been studying all the game two’s in history? I don’t remember many game twos except for my game two in 2005. That was a fantastic game with a grand slam, a blown save and a walk off homer by a guy Scott Podsednik who hadn’t homered all year! Of course it was my Sox on the way to breaking their long drought.

    I should say it was an entertaining game, I agree, but the Dodgers should be up 2 nil right now.

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