Big 12 Preseason Powellll

    1. Kansas

    2. WVU

    3. TCU

    4. Texas

    5. Baylor

    6. OU

    7. Tech

    8. K-State

    9. Iowa State

    10. Oklahoma State

    KU got all the first place votes except one (Self).

  • Texas at 4 hahaahaa (falling out my seat)

  • I’d take Texass down a knotch. I’d rank ksu right where they are, yet somehow they will probably be higher at the end. Iowa st should be better than 9th as well.

  • ISU 9th is a joke. I’d bet 6-7 for them. Prohm is a good coach. Actually might be my favourite coach in the league that isn’t Self.

  • I bet Self voted for WVU.

    I wonder what he thinks when he is voting.

    I mean, when KU is the overwhelming favorite to win the league he might as well say who he voted for in conference. Cuz, its obvious who he voted for!

    I just think its kinda funny.

  • I dunno you guys. I mean, Texas might actually be good this year.

    Will our boys let them beat us, especially at home?

    Hell freeking no! I’m calling sweep of the series right now.

    But I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Shaka goes .500 in the league this year, or better.

  • @Lulufulu You can’t vote for your own team so Self def voted for WVU.

  • @BeddieKU23

    On paper Texas should be #4 or even higher but in reality, and based on what we have seen of Smart so far, probably lower.

  • I’d put OU up a couple of spots as well as ISU. Oklahoma got Young and return pretty much all of a team that was super young but competitive last year. Prohm will prove his worth in Ames. My predicted standings:

    1. Kansas

    2. WVU

    3. TCU

    4. OU

    5. Baylor

    6. Texas

    7. ISU

    8. KSU

    9. Tech

    10. OSU

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