Why not stream the Fizzou game?

  • I understand the want to sell out the venue which took only minutes but it’s KU basketball, we sell out arenas across the country every year. I have already donated a couple of times to hurricane relief and this is a great idea to raise more but if you had someone steam the game for $10 with half of that going to charity you could probably donate a few hundred thousand more dollars. We got hawks all over country, most of which have been to this rivalry game and probably want to see it as well. It would just make it a better event IMO.

  • Don’t think it’s legal but I could be wrong and talking out my ass right now.

  • @BShark I wouldn’t think it would be if ESPN or FOX Sports did it because I believe they own the TV rights to both conferences, JTV also should have some rights they do the other exhibition games.

  • This is different or something because NCAA. At least I vaguely remember reading/hearing.

  • @BShark you could very well be correct I’m just thinking it would raise more money.

  • @kjayhawks Agree. I think they would if they could.

  • It could be one of the conditions of getting the extra game/scrimmage waiver. No additional national exposure.

  • @kjayhawks

    I believe it is quite a legal process to get something like this done.

    However… TV networks and sports production companies are setup to push through the paperwork quickly.

    In this particular case… I’m not sure Kansas wants this scrimmage to be overly publicized. This event somehow falls outside our current position on playing MU regularly.

    You know what would be a great thing? That we use this “game” as the framework to build an annual rivalry game where much of the proceeds are used for social purposes!

    That would be a huge positive PR move by both universities!

    This rivalry would IMMEDIATELY shove to the top for being THE college basketball rivalry of America!

    Why can’t Kansas start leading the nation in basketball off the court?

  • Was a great idea, they just said the PPV service raised $724,480

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