MU ticket allotment sells in 16 minutes for KU game. Game is a sell out.

  • No TV. It is being called a scrimmage. Does that mean that no one will be keeping score?

  • Nah, no interest in playing MU. Doesn’t do anything for us.

  • My 2 issues are that if you stream it for a cost that goes to the hurricane relief you would donate considerably more IMO. Also it seems like we are helping make Fizzou relevant in hoops again. @HighEliteMajor I honestly miss the dog fights with them I grew up watching.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    Considering how bad MU has been in recent years, it would have only lowered KU’s SOS.😉🤑

  • It gives us a chance to compete against some good players, which will be a benefit to the team. If it helps us beat "Tucky, I’m for it. Even if they are egg suckin’ dogs.

  • @wrwlumpy

    Each player will receive a participation ribbon… just like sports leagues are doing for kids now.


  • I am not for playing Moo at any time.

    While I am glad that the money goes to charity, we could have raised the same if we played Wichita State. Playing Moo does nothing for us. Currently KU has a firm grip on the KC area and playing Moo only gives Moo credibility where there has been none in recent years. I used to love the rivalry and hated their abandoning it for football revenue. But since they left, they have become irrelevant to me, KU, the Big 12, and even the SEC as they have fallen further and further into the hole they dug. With this act, KU is throwing them a rope to climb out of the hole and that is just silly to me.

    Glad the money is going to charity. Hope the players improve because of it. Hope nobody from either team gets hurt. Hope both sets of fans behave themselves. I have a feeling the Moosters are going to be intolerable, I just hope the KU folks rise above it all.

  • Of course its a sell out. Got fans on both sides that wanna see this game. If I was still in KC and was able to get a ticket, Id go.

    But, dammit I have mixed feelings on playing MU again.
    This should be a one and done game. Its for a good cause.
    Other than this, the only other way we play MU is in the NCAA’s if they can make it there. And that’s a big IF.