INDIANS UP 2-0 on Yanks - Oh hell .....

  • Commanding lead for AL Central Champion Cleveland with 13 inning win & Nats trying to tank in game one instead of waiting till game 5 . Wade Davis on in the 9th to try & nail this baby 👶 down !

  • Cubs Win Cubs Win !!!

  • @globaljaybird :( can’t win without runs. Our O was pitiful. So many weakly hit balls. Batters chasing garbage.

  • Our pitching and bullpen was inconsistent as well, could never get in a groove. Except for 5-6 weeks stretch in June/July our pitching lacked sharpness and consistency. In the past bullpen was Royals strength, not anymore.

  • @AsadZ Trading Davis has been a backfire so far. Soler has to prove himself in 2018 - So far? About a buck - fifty BA w/2 HR’s…yikes. That’s awful. Former Royal Ryan Madsen also came outta da pen for the Nats last night. IMO Sorry A was washed up as a closer when Detroit let him walk. I’m also wondering if Hererra has an arm injury??? Not the same guy 2nd half this year. Not even close. Holland may be available again if the price is right $ :money_with_wings:

  • @globaljaybird Madsen has been good for us but struggled last night. (The us I’m referring to is my Nats @AsadZ )

  • Werth and Weiters shouldn’t be in the lineup. Theyve both been offensively useless lately. Should be Kendrick and Lobaton. Kendrick is hitting about a hundred points higher than Werth while both are terrible in the field. Lobaton is a much better defensive catcher than Weiters and both are bad offensively.

  • @approxinfinity wrong guy

  • @Crimsonorblue22 ah thanks! Will correct that.

  • If we had Kendrick in instead of Werth we would have gotten that walk in Werths spot and not had to pull Geo to pinch hit Kendrick for him. Dusty is a HOF choker.

  • Maybe that’s not fair. Maybe there’s other pressure on Dusty to play Werth coming from our GM, Rizzo. Or maybe some contractual obligation. just disappointed our offense is choking.

  • Adam Lind pinch hit, got a single and Harper saved our season! We were so tight. HUGE!

  • @globaljaybird I am with you on Davis trade. In the past Dayton’s record on trades and acquisitions has been very good.

    Unfortunately, last couple of years the record has not worked out so well. I agree with you on KH, I would not mind trading him somehow.

    I was happy to see Minor’s performance as a c loser. I hope KC will bring him back.

  • @approxinfinity Minor may get close to what KH does when in arbitration so keeping both may not work.

  • @AsadZ Doesn’t look good. Will be a $10m hit to keep Minor vs. $1.25 to buy him out. And I’m sure that he will get some serious offers we can’t match.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Cubs Win Again … & be damned if Sale didn’t take the loss for Boston … ouch & double ouch.

  • @AsadZ Davis got another save today. Was one heckuva deal for the Cubbies but seems like we took one in da shorts…

  • @globaljaybird And we got Soler instead, Damn

  • Well my Yankees have came back to tie the series 2-2 tonight decides. We have made our return to the playoffs a year earlier then what had been expected.

    hoping for the best outcome tonight. If they hadn’t of choked in game 2 this would be over and we would be on to Houston. - Kind of like our chances, Cleveland had their chance to close this out, I feel more pressure on them now then us.

    Plenty of power in the Yankee lineup , even though it hasn’t showed up a lot in this series. - -Judge , Sanchez , Byrd , DD , even Castro to an extent. we shall see. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 Against the Indians I am rooting for the Yanks.

  • @AsadZ Me too but then again - -always been a Yankee fan lol

  • @jayballer54 Wow, Yanks did it, shocked the Indians, happy for them

  • @AsadZ Hell Ya. - - Now on to Houston. - - Yankees Win - - - The Yankeessssssssssssssssssss Win. - -Start spreading the News lol. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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