• Mason III with 17 PTS and 6 REBS and Fox with 16 PTS 🙌

  • @Crimsonorblue22 FM was the Kings’ leading scorer and rebounder! We got used to it, but nice to see if NBA fans take note.

    In addition, Mario was the Grizzlies leading scorer with 19 in their win, and Perry led the Sydney team with 19 in their loss.

  • Frank making a name for himself!

  • It’s all about the team

  • Wayne Selden did not have great numbers but was a starter for the game. Considering what he is making, he is the proverbial diamond in the rough.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 thanks so much for these. Frank is a born leader, and sounds confident! So great!

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  • @BShark cool!

  • @BShark lmao that’s great

  • @wissox Good find! I really liked this excerpt:

    The fact Mason led the Kings in points and rebounds comes as only a mild surprise. Four years playing for the Kansas Jayhawks, one of the nation’s elite major college programs, has inherent benefits. Top competition. NCAA Tournament appearances guaranteed. Exceptional coaching.

    “Frank is more ready to play than most rookies,” Kings general manager Vlade Divac said. “I was really surprised that he was available for us (34th overall pick). We thought he was going to be taken in the first round. Obviously, the NBA is different, and it’s going to take some time. But we like what we see.”

  • It’s a give and take with rookies that have played four years in college. On the positive side, they come into the league as more finished products. They are more mature, both physically and mentally, and more ready to compete.

    On the down side, they are basically finished products, so if they are not productive in their first year or two, its probably time to cut bait because they likely will not develop enough to contribute later on.

    That said, its a great sign that Frank is playing well because that means he will be able to contribute. If he were struggling, I would be very concerned about him falling out of the league entirely.

  • I mean Frank ought to lead the team in rebounding. He’s 5’11" after all. Wait, that’s a misprint right? He’s really 6’11" right?

  • Looks like Frank will get lots of run and might be encouraged to score first.

  • Frank got the start tonight. I Missed most of the first half, but the announcers are bragging him up! Said he doesn’t look like a rookie, love his play, him and skal are bringing it. Fox is out w/bad back. Frank making most of his chance! Loving it!!!

  • These Kings are going to be epically bad this year. Let’s enjoy Frank going balls to the wall while we can, come halfway he might be encouraged to be a different kind of Frank the Tank. He should have more than enough run to prove himself until then. Hell he could even end up high scorer for the team.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I tuned in right after the end. The announcers started the post-game analysis with FM highlights, and said he is clearly NBA ready, that he will definitely prove he deserves playing time, and that they expect he will be in the league a long time.

  • Frank has a 10-12 year NBA career waiting on him if he wants it.

    He is unlikely to be a star, may not ever even be a regular starter, but he can be a top tier backup PG and spot starter, and certainly a rotation player on a playoff caliber team at his peak. If he’s smart with his career, he will be set for life and his family will be comfortable. Good for him. That’s how hard work and talent pay off.

  • Frank’s hard work and the good coaching he received for ahem four years are really paying off!

  • @dylans recruits-take notice!

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