Stanley to see the field more in the future


    Coach Beaty announced that Carter Stanley would play more in the coming weeks after getting in for 2 plays at Ohio last week. I think Bender has done a decent job thus far, he has completed 58% of his passes for 1030 yards to go with 6 touchdowns and 5 interceptions. My main concern with him is taking too many sacks. I’d rather see a few more incompletions and maybe keep some of the drives going bye not having a 3rd down with mile to go. As i stated after the game KU had more yards, first downs and time of possession than Ohio. Looking at that a guy would think they wouldn’t have controlled from the get go like they did. The key is going to be finishing drives going forward. Our defense likely will average over 50 point give up in B12 play, we must score like crazy to even be in any ball game from here on out. I personally would like to see Stanley(or Starks if it’s better) run the option with Herbert. I’ve never understood why we don’t run the option, it is designed to help teams with weak offensive lines.

  • I see some progress on the offensive side of the ball. The offense still has a long way to go before other teams worry about us, but I do see progress. Why isn’t Coach Beaty talking about the defense and its failure to put enough pressure on quarterbacks? The C Mich and Ohio QBs got to stand in the pocket and look the field over for as long as they wanted. No pressure at all. So far this year, our lack of competitiveness lies wholly on the failure of the defense.

  • @stoptheflop ya we I believe lost 4 starters on defense but look like a team full of freshmen on that side of the ball. I honestly think we are undefeated with last years defense and this years offense these first 3 games. Shoot if you’d told me we scored scored 95 points ( scored 83,last year, 75 in 2015) the first 3 weeks, a month ago I’d think we were at least 2-1. The defense just isn’t fixable this year, they can improve their position but if MAC receivers are faster it’s gonna be a long year.

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