Celtics worked out TomRob, need big

  • @approxinfinity I hate it when a player’s career is summed up as not living up to his draft status without exploring why. His numbers per 48 are worthy. Roster issues, coaching changes, and injuries have prevented TR from ever being put in a position commensurate with his draft status.

    His journey has been similar to Gooden’s. Round peg who keeps getting short-term opportunities to fill square holes.

  • I am rooting for T-Rob, I hope he get a nice contract

  • I really think Trob could be a solid player if someone would give him a legit shot at it. One thing I’ve always thought, is that someone never gave the some of the best a shot. Hell Jordan didn’t make his high school team til a junior. Keep working Trob!

  • 15 years ago, T-Rob would have been an automatic rotation guy on a playoff team. 10 years ago, he would have definitely been playing quite a bit.

    But in today’s NBA, which values floor spacing so much, a 4 man that isn’t big, can’t handle the ball or step away from the rim and shoot the three, its difficult to find a way to fit a guy like T-Rob in. No doubt, T-Rob has his strengths (rebounding, athleticism), but I’m not sure how he would fit into a modern NBA offense without shooting range out to at least 20 feet, or the ability to put the ball on the floor and slash and distribute. T-Rob has an early 2000’s skill set, but in the modern NBA.

    I’m rooting for him to catch on. I hope he’s added a jumpshot.

  • Good for TRob. I hope he gets in there with the Celtics. That last line in the article irked me. I mean, of course he is going to play to his potential!! WTF!? Ahh hell who ever wrote that doesn’t know dick about basketball or most importantly about KU.