What Basketball Offense Should KU Run This Season Under Various Looming War Scenarios?

  • What basketball offense should KU run this season under various looming war scenarios?

    It is a near certainty that the New World Order and its symbiotic enemies want no part of an unlimited nuclear war that unforeseen consequences assure escalates to Mutually Assured Destruction; that would end all of their gravy trains built on diverting exorbitant shares of ordinary persons income to pay for “national security” in a world skillfully made dangerous enough to need such never ending security—what might be called The Bomb Tax.

    Can’t have that!

    Both sides apparently seek only an end to duly constituted republican government subordinated to a sovereign nation of individual persons with certain inalienable rights, and to end certain other governments, regardless of type, that refuse to subordinate to the Bank of International Settlements’ private central banking system.

    Thus the rational fan, the sane fan, the decent, law-abiding and hardworking fan, the fan that must carry on–regardless of what anti-democratic, one-world idiots and megalomaniacal financial oligarchs do in coming weeks and months–has no choice but to ask the aforementioned question: what basketball offense should KU run under various looming war scenarios?

    Black Sky: The Black Sky scenario involves an opponent of America using various forms of directed energy and/or high altitude detonation of one, or more low yield nuclear devices designed to optimize EMP (electromagnetic pulse) effect, so as to bring down one, two, or all three components of the USA electric power grid, and simultaneously wipe out all digital electronic data on electromagnetic storage devices not protected by Faraday cages on the surface of the USA, or otherwise protected by location in deep, EMP-resistant, caverns. Americans would within seconds lose electrical power. As night follows day, lights would go off, and most if not all electronically operated devices, especially anything relying on digital electronic subsystems, but without back up power supplies, would immediately cease to function, and when power was restored, function erratically, if at all, unless protected data back ups survived the EMP event and were properly rebooted. In any case, such a Black Sky event would likely persist for months, or years. Food and water supplies would be exhausted within days, or a week, despite there being a theoretical 10 day supply in the pipeline. Unless one were to be selected to inhabit one of the many hardened underground communities reputedly developed with absconded, unaccounted for tax payer money to house members of the Deep State, one would be FOL (fecally outta luck). Survivalists, especially those with food and guns, would be quickly identified by their “grey man” uniforms by starving and overwhelmed individuals, and then killed and eaten; there being no known 1,000 to 10,000 round clips of ammunition for assault rifles, even those illegally modified to fully automatic, capable of stopping a large, hunger-crazed crowd. After dining ravenously on grey men on foot, these same starving masses would quickly focus on pursuit of grey men survivalists in grey man vehicles (e.g., pre black box 6 cylinder pickup trucks and small Subaru sedans with four wheel drive). Once forced off the road, and fleeing on foot, these grey men would be tracked by their “non-military” back packs, as they attempted to get to pre-arranged bug out destinations cached with food and water. Certain starving masses would simply try to catch and eat the survivalists on sight, while others would learn quickly to pursue the survivalists to their bug-out destinations and then eat both the cache and the survivalist. In such an environment, where high mobility predation was the coin of the realm, the best offense would, I suspect, be a Dean Smith-derived four corner stall modified so that all players cut holes in the floor and dug down to a depth of 8 feet, then pulled the wooden floor cutout over their hole and delayed until the opposing team was either shot dead by grey-man-disguised survivalists using either their concealed carry Sigs, or their illegally modified assault rifles, or eaten by the starving masses pursuing said grey-man survivalists through Allen Field House.

    A second likely war scenario would be…

    Limited Thermonuclear Exchange: In a limited thermonuclear exchange scenario, the bat-shit crazy one worlders set off a false flag event, like a neo Nazi march salted with agents provocateur, and enabled by police stand-downs, leading to a panicked population, a declaration of martial law, and the resort to use of a low yield, fission uranium suit case bomb, probably in a Democrat controlled sanctuary city, that is blamed on an opponent with a noncompliant dictator refusing to subordinate to the western private central banking cabal. In turn, the bat shit crazy one worlders launch high yield, thermonuclear-tipped missiles from Trident class nuclear submarines off the sea coast of the opponent that are then further chased with some in-theater ABM’s retipped with high yield hydrogen bombs located a few scant minutes from their destinations. In this scenario, the actual offensive set run by KU on offense would be less crucial than avoidance of the sanctuary city where the false flag detonation were to occur. The recommended avoidance strategy hinges on embedding a KU basketball fan into the current “Deep State in Perpetuity” running America that can give Coach Self early warning about which sanctuary city will be sacrificed, so that Coach Self and other KU coaching officials can come up with a palatable excuse about why KU has to delay the doomed game and seek a change of venue without a forfeit. In short, KU must not only find a way NOT to play the game in the vicinity of the false flag suitcase nuclear detonation, but it must also try to impose a predetermined replacement game site outside the blast zone, in order to avoid adverse effects of prolonged post-blast, radiation exposure. KU holds too great of a home court advantage to expect opponents to agree to a replacement game at Allen Field House. And the same holds true for Sprint Center in KC. So: KU cannot reasonably expect to schedule change of venue games at either location. Of course, KU should not agree to playing the change of venue game on the opponent’s home floor, after the blast, because it will likely be in a state of ash and green glass for many seasons afterwards. So: the obvious scheduling move is to offer to play the game in a safe, desirable location likely not to be targeted for retaliatory nuclear strikes. The no-brainer solution is obvious. The game should be rescheduled to be played within 1 mile of the next scheduled secret meeting of Bilderberg, where there will be absolutely zero chance that a nuclear device will strike the private oligarchy of the West, which reputedly attends the supposedly secret, but always leaked, Bilderberg meetings. Bilderberg meetings tend to be held in secure hotels with four season climates and a suitable supply of non-unionized sex workers. All of the above, of course, implies Coach Self could reasonably resort to ANY of KU’s typical offensive sets.

    Spit Wads: If the universe were to turn out to be a computer simulation running what-if scenarios for a higher form of intelligence, basic statistics with assumptions of normal distributions of mean of zero, sigma^2, an underlying randomness free of autocorrelation, there is a remote right and left tale chance that the insane leaderships of the one-worlders and of the megalomaniacal central bank financiers could temporarily transcend their respective insanities and agree to have the leaders of each of the warring sides engage in a winner-take-all, battle to the death using Bic pen bodies and well-masticated, paper spit wads. In such an eventuality, once again, Coach Self would be free to run what ever form of the offense he prefers.

    (Note: All fiction. No malice.)

  • @jaybate-1.0 A black sky reference. August 23rd… two days after the American Eclipse. It certainly will get interesting, won’t it? The real mind blower comes on September 23rd.

  • @jaybate-1.0 In your first scenario, the smarter members of the mobs chasing the survivalists will just hang out on the fringe and help themselves to mob lunatics occasionally. Much easier to follow the mob than to beat them to the few survivalists.

  • @mayjay

    It depends on the level of the bodily fluids of those being preyed upon.

    And on then current levels of fluoridation of the tap water.

    And on whether Allen Dulles’ preserved brain signals with alpha waves that “conspiracy theory” should continue to be the smear of choice to discourage truth seekers.

    It’s VERY complicated.


    I was just doing some comedy.

    What’s up on September 23?

    Is that the day we shift to FedCoin, or something?

  • @jaybate-1.0 I was referencing the Black Sky fed drill scheduled on 8-23. Google 9-23.

  • The Picket Fence.


    I had read about The Black Sky Drill a few weeks back. It would appear the name of the drill was conceived to attract attention and scare the American public some more. But I for one am glad they are training for this sort of thing, and only wish they would invest even more heavily in negotiating arms limitation agreements that walk us back down from the current mutual first strike postures the USA reputedly adopted in the 1990s and that Russia has reputedly resorted to as counter strategy recently. Nevertheless, the Black Sky training exercise seems one of those training exercises, where our government is damned if they do, and damned if they don’t. If they DON’T train for such things, then disinformation professionals on all sides would blame them for negligence, if such an event were to occur. If they DO train for such things, then they would be said to have been creating the process that a foreign, or domestic, Deep State could use as cover for a false flag terrorist event to be blamed on some country that such Deep State types want the USA to invade (i.e., so as to make some noncompliant, but oil&gas rich state safe for implanting a central bank franchise and a “Trade Bank of State X” organization enabling an oil reserve collateralization process that in turn secures western loans for funding reconstruction, funding importation of Death Squads, and funding establishment of vicious counter terrorism security services, should the indigenous folks persist in not wanting to give up control of the oil&gas and pipeline right of ways targeted beneath their feet.

    But what’s up with Google? Haven’t read anything about them.

  • @wrwlumpy

    I have always loved the Hoosiers movie, but I am not quite sure of the tie in here.

  • @jaybate-1.0

    Not as far fetched a one would think…




    @mayjay Links have been verified and are working. 😃

  • @JayHawkFanToo First time for everything! Now I can fix greater problems. For instance, I hereby pedict the sun will go out on Monday afternoon and it will take a couple minutes to reboot.

  • @jaybate-1.0 Sorry, I just read the fist half ofyour topic.

  • @wrwlumpy @jaybate-1-0 This thread should be in the Politics or General Discussion. It has no real relevance to any basketball news.

  • @mayjay

    I disagree.

    It was intended as a piece of satiric black comedy poking fun at our annual debates about what basketball offenses Self should run leveraging off the incredibly menacing current context and rhetoric regarding and preparations for nuclear and thermobaric exchanges.

    The discussion took off in a political direction about those sorts of issues, and about other political issues, instead of toward what offenses would be run, or toward whether debates about what offenses Self will run each season are useful, which was okay with me.

    IMHO, since you are concerned about the political direction that the thread discourse has taken, you should request that those political comments be relocated to whatever other section you want them in.

    But my initial post?

    It belongs in the basketball section, unless you want @approxinfinity to create a subcategory for humor about KU basketball, which I would be happy with, also.

    But I can certainly live with moving it to the general discussion section, though NOT the political section, if it makes persons feel the website more orderly. But I had no political agenda in my post, except maybe that in passing one world government is a silly notion. I guess it could also be moved to a war section, if we had one, but again my purpose in writing was entertainment, certainly not to advocate for war.

    Rock Chalk!

  • @jaybate-1.0 Looking back, I see more bb references than I did before. Reading it, though, it seemed highly political. Might not have been your intent!

  • @jaybate-1-0 You write amazing, intricate, interwoven pieces – my simple mind would have just yelled, “Run the high/low, Run the high/low.” The best basketball offense, ever.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    I had just watched Dr. Strangelove. It is an amazing movie even after all these years. I had also recently reread parts of Moby Dick. I was too easily influenced and so unable to be so economical. 🙂

  • @jaybate-1.0 If you revere Moby Dick, you might really enjoy Nathaniel Philbrick’s In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex which examines the voyage underlying Melville’s story (the book is much better than the movie). He has written several fascinating books.

  • @jaybate-1.0 Incidentally, if you are interested in Philbrick, he also wrote a book about a scientific exploration that was America’s first concerted effort to compete with European science voyages. The efforts by the expedition’s commander to carry out his mission are Herculean. Sea of Glory: America’s Voyage of Discovery: the U.S. Exploring Expedition, 1838-1842.

    Coincidentally, today is the anniversary of when that expedition was launched.

  • @mayjay

    Thanks. I’ve read some Philbrick. If you like Philbrick, get Charles Olson’s trailblazing 1947 critical analysis “Call Me Ishmael.” It was actually written some years earlier for a thesis at Wesleyan, but some profs rejected it; too conflict averse to take the controversy the thesis would have stirred at that time, I’ve heard. Olson is chiefly responsible for recovering Melville and Moby Dick from the out of circulation stacks. Olson was the first to publicly connect Moby to Shakespeare and to explore the actual events the novel was based on. No Olson, no Philbrick. Of course, it’s pretty likely Olson’s mentor at Wesleyan was part of a number of English scholars knowledgeable of the real story on Melville, but too afraid to tell the true critical story of Melville. They let a naive young maverick genius take the blowback from telling Melville’s controversial personal story and the depths and origins of his dark, controversial novel. Olson took some lumps and was never thereafter able to have a conventional scholarly career, even though he forged a very influential one off the beaten path.

  • @jaybate-1.0 Dude, dooms day scenarios for KU Bball?? And here I thought Ive heard everything. Well done as per usual! I’m gonna go grab my lead lined pillow now.

  • @Lulufulu

    I suspect you’re going to get a kick out of my posts on the Civil War. 😀

  • @jaybate-1.0 What say ye about the Civil War?

  • @JayhawkerRedLegs

    The link @approxinfinity supplied below will access you to a couple of posts of mine on the subject of the Civil War of 1861-1865. Suffice it to say that I have gone from a very conventional, traditional, orthodox, catholic view of the war based on my public school education and informing by Shelby Foote and Ken Burns, to a rather different view of it after seven years of my own digging into that era. The war was much less about slavery, than I had originally been lead to think, much more important in grand strategy and global trade than I had any inkling in the beginning, and had many more far reaching dimensions and effect than I had thought originally. I am pretty confident that a final, enduring version of the history of the US Civil War will be written some time this century and it will be much more like the version I outlined in the other post. It was a large war, and when combined with the European Great Power Invasion of Mexico, as it should always have been, but never has been, it was a war of much greater global significance than most have grasped in the past.

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