Jo Jo Embiid

  • Hey, just letting ya know ESPN has a nice little article about JO, JO - -basically talking about his transformation from Cameroon, talking about his high and lo’s while at KU - -pretty cool – Video/interview. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Link?

  • The only problem is you have to go freaking baseball doesn’t exist anymore espn.

  • wissox said:

    The only problem is you have to go freaking baseball doesn’t exist anymore espn.

    Wow, I don’t ever get drunk but it sure looks like I was drunk when I posted that!

    Should have said The only problem is you have to go to freaking baseball doesn’t exist anymore espn.

  • @wissox hey, cut back on the sauce!

  • @KUSTEVE he was kicked out of NO!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 That’s hard to do…lol. I thought the only law they had in NO was you weren’t allowed to serve a bad meal!

  • @KUSTEVE Well, he was an interlopin’ Yankee, after all.

  • Com’on guys…cut the guy a break, it is Summer and he is having teaching withdrawal syndrome…:smiley:

  • Didn’t know ya’ll were still talking about me!

  • @wissox You moved but are not forgotten!

  • @mayjay I’m in everyone’s head

  • @wissox

    Would that make you a head case? :smiley:

  • @jayballer54 Loved it!

    JoJo is gonna have an ALL STAR year this year.

  • Crimsonorblue22 said:

    @KUSTEVE he was kicked out of NO!

    No, he was kicked out of Baton Rouge.

  • I wasn’t kicked out of nowhere.

  • @wissox we were just kidding! How ya doing? How’s the new school?

  • I know you was…were…? I’m not an English teacher! School is better than where I’ve been. Still pretty rough, but that’s where I’m destined to be so no biggy!

  • @wissox what area are you in? Still high school?

  • @wissox

    What triggered your job change?

    a.) escape young disingenuous Principal;

    b.) achieve higher salary and benefits;

    c.) a desire to teach in a different state that specifies less of the questions you are required to ask on standardized tests, so you can do a better job of teaching;

    d.) move to a lower priority nuclear target of North Korea, China, and Russia;

    e.) attain enhanced mass casualty event survivability by teaching at a FEMA COG high school deep underground at a classified location;

    f.) a desire to move to an area where there is vastly less chemtrail spraying;

    g.) moving to a private school where children are not forced by state law to take unnecessary vaccinations laced with mercury, which the CDC now reputedly admits does correlate with autism;

    h.) more stimulating colleagues that do not keep white pillow cases with eye holes in their lockers;

    i.) humidity below 96%;

    j.) a school with a sharply lower ratio of students lost to voodoo sacrifice vs. honor roll graduates; or

    k.) school in a town with an airport with regular non-stops to Lawrence during basketball season?

    (Note: all fiction, no malice. Sure hope it works out well for you. You seem like a dedicated and good teacher.)

  • Thanks @jaybate-1-0 Move was prompted by a desire to move back to my Chicago roots. There’s about 3 school districts here that would pay less than my Baton Rouge pay and I found one of them! We have kids here, family and extended family, and most importantly, I want to go to see the Sox play in person and be able to turn the tube on at night and see a team other than the Yankees or Red Sox.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Teaching middle school in a relatively poor south suburb called Markham. In general these south suburbs have a bit of Detroit going on. Housing dropping precipitously. Taxes ridiculous, when we buy a house we’ll probably buy one in Indiana where living expenses are lower.

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