Initial observations Exhibition games

  • In no particular order:

    • I really like Garrett. Can tell he is gonna be a playa.
    • Moore is really small…I mean really. Spud webbish. Has to get much strionger with the ball.
    • Newman is good…we won’t have a huge drop off from Frank here, and he can score the ball. He will net 15 a game.
    • I like our team speed…getting the ball up court very quickly.
    • the other teams were quite bad…esp 1st game. A 14 year old? Really?
    • Aside from the ridiculous dunks, Doke looks very mobile and athletic. If he can develope 1 post move to go with the power game, God Lord look out Big 12.
    • Preston will figure it out and be very good…easy to see he has the tools.
    • However, we really need another big man.
    • Whitman was an idiot to quit, esp before the Italy jaunt. What a dunce. Colby too. He would have played.
    • Bill looks a lot better in a suit than shorts and a golf shirt. He needs a specialized Huddy program.
    • Vick and Svi are gonna have BIG years.
    • Go Hawks!!

  • @Fightsongwriter Coleby left after we signed Whitman, so his minutes looked more limited.

    I hadn’t realized before that the 5-star guy who left WKY after being in 2 weeks of summer school, Robinson, could end up having his minutes at WKY replaced by Coleby. Dwight actually might have lucked into a pretty good situation for showing his ability enough to get a Euro contract.

  • I still think Svi will earn back his starting spot. We are going to need the extra height he brings over Vick. Anyone else think it will be Doke, Preston, Svi, Newman and Graham starting on Oct. 31 against Pittsburg St.?

    Doke must stay healthy and find his FT touch for us to go the distance. You can see he’s working on finding a FT form that works for him. In the second Ex. game he moved off-center at the FT line. So, he’s trying some things out. I hope he shoots about a million FTs in the next 3 months.

    I sure like Marcus Garrett’s energy. He’ll be a great energy guy off the bench like Vick has been doing for us. RCJH

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